THE Amigurumi Neko

I finished THE famous Ami-Neko (amigurumi cat).
I think I like it a little too much. :D

Since I first saw this neko and its pattern that Nekoyama-san created, I have been wanting to make one.

Look at this amazingly peaceful facial expression! :)))
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This kitty can sit fabulously well!
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She needed a little rest...
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I couldn't help it, I just had to dress her up a little! :D
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The pattern in English can be found at Nekoyama-san's website).
- Stole pattern not included.

This is THE famous Japanese amigurumi neko. As some of you probably know, they even have its published pictorial in Japan!

The yarn I used to make this neko is Bernat Softee Chunky, and it's approximately 12 1/2" tall when sitting.
I made this amigurumi for my newborn niece in Japan, but I almost don't want to send it to her. :D This cat to me is an ultimate zen cat, and I just have to make another one ASAP for myself!


Allena said...

love your cat. i'm sure your neice will love it too!

Chie said...

Allena -
Thank you for your kind words. :)
I think this cat is great for little kids because they can play with them making different poses. :)

julie said...

Chie, the cat is adorable!

Chie said...

Julie -
Isn't she though? :))) I just love this neko!

Mimi said...

Chie, that is just so cute!!! I love the color combination, and the way you gave it such a sweet personality :D

Chie said...

Mimi -
Thanks! It gotta be pink for a little girl, right? :))) I have a good reason now to make more things with my favorite colors, pink and red. :)

Siow Chin said...

Thanks for the link to the pattern. Your kitty is so adorable!

Chie said...

Siow Chin -
Thanks! I can't wait to see your neko! ;)

Lily said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Actually, I had been lurking your blog for some time. I can see why you don't want to give this cat away. It's too cute.

Chie said...

Lily -
Thanks for leaving me your kind comment. :) I am working on MINE this time so I hope you'll stop by again soon. ;)

Sharon said...

Chie, this kitty is the cutest thing I've ever seen. I'm a catlover, so this is my cup of tea. Thanks so much for the link to the pattern. I just hope I can do it. If not, can I pay you to make one for me? :))))))

You should make some of these and put them in your store.

Pam said...

Your neko is so cute, love the sleepy eyes, so cute!!!!

shinbun said...

wow.. so cute!

Chie said...

Sharon -
Let me know when you have any question or have trouble crocheting this neko!

Pam -
I think her eyes are the best feature of this neko too! When I look at her, it reminds that stop and rest is a good thing. :D

Thank you for your kind comment!
Glad you stopped by. :)

Kelly said...

Chie I love your kitty so much that I have to make one. Thank you so much for sharing your pictures and the link with all of us. :)

Chie said...

Kelly -
I can't wait to see your kitty!!! :)

shinbun said...

waiting your next crochet project :)

Annika said...

I fell in love with your cat and had to make a couple o them myself. Take a look at

pragueloop said...

hhaaha so sweet

Anonymous said...

Hello dear Chie,

I know you posted about your friend's Amineko recently. But, couldn't help smiling when I saw yours here. Especially the last one and looks like he's meditating(LOL!) Just so cute!

Kindest regards,

Crocheting Mom

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