More squares & more fun!

The number of my squares for 63 squares CAL is growing. :))) I made #2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and #7 is almost finished. If you click on "X of 63 is done" on my sidebar, it will take you to the pictures of my squares.

For the square #5 and 6, I had to use I hook which is a bigger hook than suggested H hook to achieve the correct size.

By the way, can someone tell me if my progress bars are showing??? Thank you. :)

I have joined the next Crochetville Secret Pal Exchange which will be August 1-October 31, 2004.

I am so excited! This is my very first time to join exchange/swap thing. :) I hope many people will join and make this a lot of fun. :)

Starting the 63 square afghan

I finally got my yarn for the 63 square afghan and finished the first single crochet stitch square over the weekend. ;D


My yarn is Caron's "Perfect Match". The colors are, from your left, Taupe 7751, Rose 7709, and Cape Cod Blue 7736.
I used size H hook as suggested, and the size came out fine for this square. I have started on square #2, but it seems like I have to use smaller hook to get the size right.

I also made these. :)

The patterns are from Leisure Arts booklet, "Kitchen Decor".

My first socks!

Whew... Wow! I have finished my very first pair of crocheted socks! Hooorrraaayyyy!!!

Pattern Source: "Toe-Up Crocheted Socks"
Yarn I used: Lion Brand Yarn "Homespun". Color: #317 "Pacifica".
Hook I used: J/10 (US)

I bought this yarn for something else before, but it didn't work. Although I loved the color, this yarn was very hard to work with because its bulkiness. This time, I somehow managed to use it, and I think the yarn worked! :))) The socks feel super soft and warm. I am so very glad I made these socks, I can't wait for the winter to come! LOL Oh, I almost forgot to mention, I used picot edging on my socks. :P

I was so inspired by the socks which Chelle and Tiff are making, I decided to join Donna's "Feet Need Socks" Crochet along this morning.

Right after I put my request post to join this crochet along on Crochetville, I picked a pattern and yarn very quickly, and I kept working on my socks untill about 4:00PM. I sure enjoyed making them, and I know I will be making more. :)


Pattern Name: "Quick and Easy Kitchen Helpers"
Pattern Source: "Kitchen Decor", Leisure Arts little books, Page 20.
Publisher: Leisure Arts Inc.

Yarn Used: BERNAT Handicrafter Cotton.
Color: Denim

The main part of this dishcloth is all half double crochet stitches. It really was easy and quick to make because I crocheted it all having coffee in the morning yesterday. :D

I like the color of this yarn very much. :) I still have much left so I am thinking about making a dish towel with the same yarn and maybe some more dishcloth.

I also bought some thread yesterday so I will crochet something with it too. ;)


"Blushing Doily"

Pattern Name: "Blushing Doily"
Pattern Source: Leisure Arts little books #9 "Thread for the Home" Page 25.
Publisher: Leisure Arts, Inc.
Designer: Emma L. Willey

I finally finished this doily. :D The diameter is 12", and it is the biggest doily I have made.

For some reason, the last three rows look different from the picture on the booklet, and I haven't figured out why. :( I guess I am going to spend some more time staring at the instruction, and when I find what my mistake is, I will redo the doily.

I am thinking about making some dishcloth next... :)

Still waiting for my yarn

My yarn for the 63 square afghan crochet along has not arrived yet. :( It has been more than 2 wks! I should have known better when I ordered it on the Internet.

I am still working on the doily. I usually make only small things, and this doily is going to be the largest thread crochet project I have done. I am on the last row making many many sc stitches and picots. :) Today I have to go see my doctor, but hopefully I won't get too tired and will be able to finish up this doily today.

I finally joined the Crochet Guild of America! Yaaayyy!

Recently, I have been trying to find other local crocheters, but so far I had no luck. I want my crochet buddies so badly to get together regulary and enjoy crocheting, chatting, and some good coffee. ;) When I did the Google search on Mississippi crocheters, who had to come up? ME and I did not see anyone else. :( There must be somebody who crochet or knit in this state! I was happy to see the link to my blog on Google search result though... I had to call my hubby loud to show him. LOL Anyways, I hope one day, somebody will find me and ask me to crochet together... :)


I went to the nearby Wal-Mart the other day and bought a little 30-page thread crochet book for 90 cents! What a bargain! :) I started making one of the doilies in the book last night. The one in the book is pink, but I am using Ecru.

My friend Ulla from Sweden left a link to a great site with beautiful thread crochet patterns on her comment for me so I would like to share it with all who loves thread crochet. :) Thank you so much, Ulla!


Pattern Source: Handicraft #18 "Futoito Lace no Petit Komono" Page 7.
Publisher: Ondori-sha

Above is the small project I mentioned before. This simple coaster will always remind me of the day when I came back to Mississippi. :)

I finally got my computer to work right last night. :) I am soooo glad that I will be able to post regulary again like before and to visit other blogs of fellow crocheters and knitters. I missed way too much! :(

While I was working on my computer, I put an order for yarn to make "63 Easy-To-Crochet Pattern Stitches Heirloom Afghan", and of course, I joined Donna's "63 Square Crochet Along".

63 Squares Crochet Along

The yarn has not arrived yet, but as soon as I get it, I will post a picture here. ;) I can't wait to start crocheting the afghan. :)

Although it's going slowly, I have been working on my WIP "best vest", and I am not stopping. LOL

Below is a picture of a crocheted "DOG" which I made 2 years ago for Akira. I have to emphasize it is a "DOG" because most people who saw it thought it was a monkey. LOL The pattern was from a book I used to have, and the designer was a Japanese. I gave the book to my sister before I left Japan.

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