Still waiting for my yarn

My yarn for the 63 square afghan crochet along has not arrived yet. :( It has been more than 2 wks! I should have known better when I ordered it on the Internet.

I am still working on the doily. I usually make only small things, and this doily is going to be the largest thread crochet project I have done. I am on the last row making many many sc stitches and picots. :) Today I have to go see my doctor, but hopefully I won't get too tired and will be able to finish up this doily today.

I finally joined the Crochet Guild of America! Yaaayyy!

Recently, I have been trying to find other local crocheters, but so far I had no luck. I want my crochet buddies so badly to get together regulary and enjoy crocheting, chatting, and some good coffee. ;) When I did the Google search on Mississippi crocheters, who had to come up? ME and I did not see anyone else. :( There must be somebody who crochet or knit in this state! I was happy to see the link to my blog on Google search result though... I had to call my hubby loud to show him. LOL Anyways, I hope one day, somebody will find me and ask me to crochet together... :)

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