Pattern Source: Handicraft #18 "Futoito Lace no Petit Komono" Page 7.
Publisher: Ondori-sha

Above is the small project I mentioned before. This simple coaster will always remind me of the day when I came back to Mississippi. :)

I finally got my computer to work right last night. :) I am soooo glad that I will be able to post regulary again like before and to visit other blogs of fellow crocheters and knitters. I missed way too much! :(

While I was working on my computer, I put an order for yarn to make "63 Easy-To-Crochet Pattern Stitches Heirloom Afghan", and of course, I joined Donna's "63 Square Crochet Along".

63 Squares Crochet Along

The yarn has not arrived yet, but as soon as I get it, I will post a picture here. ;) I can't wait to start crocheting the afghan. :)

Although it's going slowly, I have been working on my WIP "best vest", and I am not stopping. LOL

Below is a picture of a crocheted "DOG" which I made 2 years ago for Akira. I have to emphasize it is a "DOG" because most people who saw it thought it was a monkey. LOL The pattern was from a book I used to have, and the designer was a Japanese. I gave the book to my sister before I left Japan.

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