Crochet Mittens

Brrr... I hope you all are keeping yourself warm!
It's 36F here today, but the forecast says it will warm up to 70F towards the end of the week.

This year, my son started enjoying riding his bicycle in our neighborhood, and last week it became too cold to ride without gloves. We searched for his gloves in his closet, but we only found one. One would not help and it was too small for him anyways so I pulled out my long neglected crochet hooks and found this free pattern. I made women's size for him, and the mittens came out just slightly larger than his hands (They fit me just fine):
Crochet Mittens
Pattern: Crochet Mittens for All
Yarn: Red Heart Soft Yarn

The suggested size of the hook for the pattern is I/5.5mm, but I used H/5.0mm just for Cuff. I also shortened the cuffs.

These mittens crocheted with single crochet stitches using worsted weight yarn are thick, and I'm hoping they will last through this winter. :D They are also quick to make. I thought they would make a nice last-minute Christmas gift. :)

First Bathroom Mirror Shot

My 2nd post today (See the 1st)... I'm doing good! :D

This is a shawl I recently finished. The pattern stitch may look complicated, but this is an advanced beginner level (which I feel I am always! :D) pattern and I love it!
Sorry for the blurry photo in advance...

*Click to Enlarge"

"Striped Feather And Fan Shawl"
"Striped Feather and Fan Shawl" Designed by Trina Brielle
- Free Ravelry Download

I'm all ready for the fall!!!!!

Long Awaited (hopefully :D) Post

Ugh... Where did the time go??? Hope I'm not forgotten by my fellow stitchers! :D
My life has been the same...just work, family, friends, and crochet & knitting, except there were some unexpeted events. Oh, and I hit yosoji, and it feels like the time is flying by really FAST!

Today I have a couple of projects to post (Stay tuned)! It's been sitting here way too long!

*Click to Enlarge*
"Extravagant" doily
"Extravagant" designed by Mary Werst
Leasure Arts "Extra Special Doilies"

How I love the texture with the raised stitches. :) I must crochet some more doilies from this booklet!


Can this be an excuse for not having posted much? :P

Constant Interruption - Tobi
"Yay, keyboard!!!"



Don't let him trick you! :D

Shawl & Amineko

It's cold here today in Central Mississippi again!!!
It's 40 degrees F now, and it was snowing a bit a while ago. I get to wear my shawl I recently finished! :)))

"Broome Street Shawl"
Pattern: "Broome Street Shawl" from Lion Brand
Yarn: Knit Picks Swish Bulky in Blackberry

This shawl is knitted from a long side, and I was lazy to do a swatch (my bad!) so it comes down to my knee in front, and I'd prefer it to be a bit shorter. Oh well. :) The shawl serves the purpose! It's super warm and soft. :)
This pattern was a mindless knitting which I really needed!


Also, I recently helped my friends crochet the famous Amineko (This site is in Japanese, but the pattern in English is available too!) designed by Nekoyama. :) I crocheted an Amineko long time ago, and my blog post is here.
a drum roll for my friends' Amineko

Amineko Crocheted by Friends
Crocheted by T-san, Y-san, O-san

Amineko crocheted by O-san
Crochted by O-san

Don't they just make you smile? :) I love amigurumi because none is alike even though same pattern is used, and you can never have identical results!

"Earth Mosaic Shawl"

How is everyone doing? :)
It seems like winter is really over and spring has come! We had lots of rain and I like it because it washed away terrible pollen in the air! I just wish we weren't sick! :(

I just wanted to introduce "Earth Mosaic Shawl" designed by Jennifer Hansen. I crocheted the photographed sample.
Earth Mosaic ShawlL
Designed by Jennifer Hansen, available as an online web bonus in Crochet! Magazine - March 2010:

This shawl is a beautiful outcome of the combination of hairpin lace and and regular crochet.

I have another shawl I finished, but haven't had the chance to take photos, AND it's too warm to wear it now so I have to wait until next winter to fully enjoy it. :( I'll take some photos soon though, I promise. :)

Purple Shawl

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all!!!
We welcomed this new year with fun chats with our best family friend, some Japanese food, and plum wine. :) We also enjoyed calligraphy together! - I wrote "達成(achievement)". Sadly, I couldn't achieve any of my last year's resolutions (I probably got too ambitious for my ability. :P) so they remain for this year...


I'm happy to start this new year with a completed knitting project!

Purple Shawl
"Knit Friendship Shawl" - Free pattern on Michaels website

This shawl is same as the red shawl in my previous post, but this time, I used Lion Brand Vanna's Choice yarn in "Dusty Purple". This shawl is going to my other SIL, and I hope she will like it.

It has been cold this January... We even had snow flurries, which I like. :) You know, I really need something that keeps me warm too so I'm thinking about buying some yarn for 3rd shawl. :D I have a cute glass shawl pin, which my good friend gave me as a Christmas present, so I'll choose a color that goes with it. :)

Wishing my fellow crocheters and knitters a new year filled with love, fun, good health, and... LOTS of yarn!!!

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