Purple Shawl

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all!!!
We welcomed this new year with fun chats with our best family friend, some Japanese food, and plum wine. :) We also enjoyed calligraphy together! - I wrote "達成(achievement)". Sadly, I couldn't achieve any of my last year's resolutions (I probably got too ambitious for my ability. :P) so they remain for this year...


I'm happy to start this new year with a completed knitting project!

Purple Shawl
"Knit Friendship Shawl" - Free pattern on Michaels website

This shawl is same as the red shawl in my previous post, but this time, I used Lion Brand Vanna's Choice yarn in "Dusty Purple". This shawl is going to my other SIL, and I hope she will like it.

It has been cold this January... We even had snow flurries, which I like. :) You know, I really need something that keeps me warm too so I'm thinking about buying some yarn for 3rd shawl. :D I have a cute glass shawl pin, which my good friend gave me as a Christmas present, so I'll choose a color that goes with it. :)

Wishing my fellow crocheters and knitters a new year filled with love, fun, good health, and... LOTS of yarn!!!


Mimi said...

Love it, one of my favorite colors! And you look fab wearing it :D
Same wishes for you Chie, and lots of gorgeous projects for 2010...Happy New Year!

Chie said...

Thanks and happy to hear from you! You are such a regular commenter for my blog that if I don't hear from you, I don't feel right. :D
Happy, happy new year to your and your family!

Crocheting Mom said...

Go ahead and make yourself that shawl! You deserve it.

As for your resolutions, I find trying to accomplish one thing, and only thinking of that one accomplishment over a period of time helps, as to get used to it, sort of making it a habit until it feels normal.

When doing several goals sometimes, I feel one gets overwhelmed, frustrated alot and this might be what makes us give up as well.

But, of course, you have to make sure also your intentions are serious as to carry them out. Just my two cents.

Purple is one of my daughters favorite color! Congratulations!

Can't wait to see YOUR shawl!

Kindest regards,

Crocheting Mom

Cathy said...

Did you knit the pattern as instructed? I am curious as to if you cast on the 71 or did you increase it in size? I am wanting to do this one for a friend of mine.
Thanks -- your shawl looks beautiful!

Cathy said...

Oops, I need to check the email follow ups part to get the response in my email box! Sorry!!

Chie said...

Hi Cathy -

I knitted this pattern as instructed exactly using Vanna's Choice yarn, but I didn't not check my gauge. :P
It was wider than the red one I knitted with the featured yarn so I believe my gauge on this purple shawl was off.

腰痠 said...

目標是什麼不重要,目標能產生什麼樣的效果才重要 ..................................................

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