Red Shawl

Ahh, it's good to be posting here again. :) I'm really sorry for my absense! This year has been crazy juggling and trying to balance things to do. I had no idea my son being 3rd grader (No wonder I feel OLD!) would create this much job either! He is growing, and things he says & does/doesn't tell me that he really is coming close to being a teenager, and I don't look forward to it. :D

Anyways - My SIL asked me to knit this shawl. She picked out the pattern and yarn from her local Michaels.

Friendship Shawl
"Knit Friendship Shawl" - Free pattern on Michaels website
Yarn used: Loops & Thread Impeccable in Claret

I love the stitch pattern! Its difficulty level and the repetitions with no increasing or decreasing are just what I needed to relax. :) Having the shawl on my wrap while I knit it was also very warm and comfy. I'm actually working on the 2nd one. I just couldn't help it. :P

I wish I had time to crochet some things for myself. I'm cold!!! :D - It even snowed here earlier this month. Brrrrr.

First Snow 2009

I'm looking at Mary Jane Slippers, Clapochet scarf, and... I can also use a bag like this or this!

I'll try to be back soon... :) You all stay warm!


Mimi said...

So good to see you blog again, Chie - and with a gorgeous FO too!
I heart the shawl design as well as the yarn :D

Anonymous said...

Hello Chie,

So happy to see your posts again. I can understand about your struggles, I'm a mom too.

I really love your shawl and the color too, your sister in-law will love it I'm sure.

take care,

Crochet Mom

Chie said...

Mimi -

I wish I could post more! I have so many things I want to crochet!

Chie said...

Crochet Mom -

Thanks you so much!
It gives me much joy to connect with people here. :) I really need to make time for more FOs!
Before I can do that, I must do something about my little guy. :D

pam said...

Hi Chie! That is a beautiful shawl! Yep, little ones are amazing and take lots of love and care...and time! :) Great to see you had a moment to post!

Anonymous said...

This is a REALLY beautiful shawl. There is just SOMETHING about the color red that sets crochet/clothing in a nice and extra noticable way.

The purple one you made is also pretty, but, this one is just amazing, although it's the same pattern.


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