Endless Crochet Cardi Shawl

It feels great out today here! It's still hot, but I can feel the fall is near - love it! I'm like a zombie in summer... I just don't do well in heat, and can't wait for fall to arrive! I see lots of nice patterns I want to add to my list of future project on Ravelry, and needless to say, it's more fun to crochet and knit in cooler seasons. :D

I was recently given an opportunity to make a crochet sample of one of the most beautiful crocheted garment designs I've ever seen. - The pattern is now available at Stitch Diva Studios!
Endless Crochet Cardi Shawl
"Endless Crochet Cardi Shawl"
(Shown Above is a sleeved version.)
Design & Model: Jennifer Hansen
Yarn Used: Tilli Tomas Plie & Beaded Plie with Sequins

I REALLY want you to see more photos of the Cardi Shawl. Learn the ENDLESS possibility of this Cardi Shawl here!

The pattern uses repetitive stitch patterns with no increasing/decreasing. I just crocheted a long rectangle and seamed it in a clever way that produces the great result. - Jennifer is a genius!!! This sample I crocheted is a sleeved version, and adding the sleeves was easy too.

Oh, by the way - there is a knitted version too! - Endless Knitted Cardi Shawl


Mimi said...

That's a lovely shawl, Chie! I hope to see you model one too :)
I also can't create much during hot weather...and every year the heat becomes more exhausting :(

Chie said...

Thank you Mimi. :)
I wish I could model my samples, but they usually don't fit me. :D
It's cool (almost cold) this morning here, and I LOVE it! :) Summer gets harder and harder every year for me to. :(((

pam said...

Hi Chie! How are you doing these days. Glad to see you are back to blogging! I have finally put up a blog and I'm kinda nervous. I haven't put the cardishawl on my blog yet. Not sure how to!

I really love the color of the one you worked on. Well Chie, have a good evening! Pam

Eddy said...
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Eddy said...
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Crochet Mom said...

Hi Chie,

Where are you?? I miss your posts. I enjoy your blog alot.

Kind regards,

Crochet Mom

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