Finished projects!

I finished the tunic!

Diamond Lace Crochet Tunic
The Pattern is here.

I made the tunic longer and also made the neck opening smaller. I love it! (*^^*)
I used the Lion Brand's Baby Soft in color "Melon", instead of the Wool Ease Sportweight which the pattern calls for, but I think it was OK. The tunic is so soft and light. (^^)
I really should have used a bigger hook than US H (5mm) though... I was following large size numbers to accomplish medium size, but the tunic came out a little smaller than medium. (-_-;) It is more "fitting" than I normally feel comfortable.... oh well.
Also when I decreased stitches around the neck opening, I made a mistake, and there were some gaps..... so after everything else is done, I slip-stitched double crochet stitches into those gaps. Is it obvious? (^^;


For Valentine's Day, I made Hubby this.

This is "Ribbed Ski Hat", one of Dot's wonderful creations. He had asked me to make him one like this to wear when he goes hunting, and this pattern was just perfect! I know it will keep him warm, and it can be pulled down to chin so he can eat or whatever wearing it too.


Do you remember the bow sleeve I made before? Well, Hubby made the button, and it is "really" finished. I added a new little photo to the post so if seeing a little button made with REAL deer horn doesn't bother you, please go see. (^_-)*

Dishsoap Pinafore

I had to take a break from the tunic, and I made this one. (*^^*)

The pattern is from, and it is a PDF file.
I made this with size 10 thread, and I crocheted the little rose instead of putting the one sold at stores.
First of all, I want to thank those who gave me suggestions for the new title of my blog. Each suggestions made me smile. You all are wonderful! (^^)
I think I know what the new title will be, but I just sent a question e-mail about moving a blog to Blogger people so I'm not going to make any changes to my blog until I hear from them. I just want to avoid making any of my visitors lost trying to find my blog since all of you have been so kind to me. (*^_^*)

Also I so appreciate everyone who sent me wishing-well e-mails and left me kind comments. My son and I are doing better today, and I think I can get up and bake a Valentine cake! Hehe.

THANK YOU SO MUCH! I wish all of you a ...


RAOK package has arrived!

I've been stuck in the house for more than a week now. (>_<) My son and I cough so much so hard, and I feel like it'll never go away. I so hate cough medicine too, but I have no choice but to take it, plus migraine hits me today. So.... you can tell now... how miserable I've been feeling... with my 4 yr-old all bored, jumping and running around in the house too! (;_;) Then... the mailman knocks the door... with a package addressed to me, and "RAOK" was written on it!!!!!!! I opened it, with my son, and there were some most WONDERFUL things from a Crochetville fairy!

A kind and cute letter(Sanrio letter set) and 2 crocheted snowflake booklets!!! And no, my fairy, I didn't have these. (*^^*) Actually, I didn't have any snowflake pattern books. Our Christmas tree is going to be full of crocheted snowflakes this year!

...And the cutest book thong with a cat face bead, and 4 beautiful stitch markers, which I have been wanting sooooo much!!! I didn't have pretty ones like these either... Bye bye my old safety pins! :D

Her kindness and generosity just amazes me, and makes me sooo happy... well really, I'm happier than happy!!!
Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU my fairy!!! *hugs*
You brightened my day!

WIP : Diamond Lace Crochet Tunic

I saw this beautiful tunic Lori made, and I just couldn't resist. This pattern is from Lion Brand's web site, and it was to use with Wool-Ease sportweight. So I went, 60 miles from where I live to the NEAREST Michaels, but they didn't have sportweight Wool-Ease so instead, I bought Lion Brand Baby Soft in color "Melon".

When I saw this yarn at Michael's, it looked just like it does on the above photo, but under bright sunlight, it looks very PINK. (^^; I thought about returning the yarn, but after asking Hubby his opinion, I just decided to keep it. (^_^) My blog is pink, and I make lots of pink things, but nothing I wear or I have is pink. I'm always in blue boot-cut/flare jeans and black/gray/light blue/brown top. So this tunic is going to be my very first outfit in bright color! I know my son will like me wearing it because you know, little children always like bright colors. (^^)
Anyways, I think this diamond lace pattern is very beautiful, and it is so much fun to crochet! If this one comes out nice, I will probably make more in different color. Oh by the way, this is going to be my first crocheted garment so I'm excited to see how it'll turn out. (^^)

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