Finished projects!

I finished the tunic!

Diamond Lace Crochet Tunic
The Pattern is here.

I made the tunic longer and also made the neck opening smaller. I love it! (*^^*)
I used the Lion Brand's Baby Soft in color "Melon", instead of the Wool Ease Sportweight which the pattern calls for, but I think it was OK. The tunic is so soft and light. (^^)
I really should have used a bigger hook than US H (5mm) though... I was following large size numbers to accomplish medium size, but the tunic came out a little smaller than medium. (-_-;) It is more "fitting" than I normally feel comfortable.... oh well.
Also when I decreased stitches around the neck opening, I made a mistake, and there were some gaps..... so after everything else is done, I slip-stitched double crochet stitches into those gaps. Is it obvious? (^^;


For Valentine's Day, I made Hubby this.

This is "Ribbed Ski Hat", one of Dot's wonderful creations. He had asked me to make him one like this to wear when he goes hunting, and this pattern was just perfect! I know it will keep him warm, and it can be pulled down to chin so he can eat or whatever wearing it too.


Do you remember the bow sleeve I made before? Well, Hubby made the button, and it is "really" finished. I added a new little photo to the post so if seeing a little button made with REAL deer horn doesn't bother you, please go see. (^_-)*

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