RAOK package has arrived!

I've been stuck in the house for more than a week now. (>_<) My son and I cough so much so hard, and I feel like it'll never go away. I so hate cough medicine too, but I have no choice but to take it, plus migraine hits me today. So.... you can tell now... how miserable I've been feeling... with my 4 yr-old all bored, jumping and running around in the house too! (;_;) Then... the mailman knocks the door... with a package addressed to me, and "RAOK" was written on it!!!!!!! I opened it, with my son, and there were some most WONDERFUL things from a Crochetville fairy!

A kind and cute letter(Sanrio letter set) and 2 crocheted snowflake booklets!!! And no, my fairy, I didn't have these. (*^^*) Actually, I didn't have any snowflake pattern books. Our Christmas tree is going to be full of crocheted snowflakes this year!

...And the cutest book thong with a cat face bead, and 4 beautiful stitch markers, which I have been wanting sooooo much!!! I didn't have pretty ones like these either... Bye bye my old safety pins! :D

Her kindness and generosity just amazes me, and makes me sooo happy... well really, I'm happier than happy!!!
Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU my fairy!!! *hugs*
You brightened my day!

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