What a disaster that had to happen at the end of the year...
My feeling for the victims of the earthquake and tsunami and their families is hard to explain with words. We can help. Let's do that.


I know it is already new year in Japan so "Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu" to all of you in Japan! *bows* m(_ _)m

I am so grateful that I gained my health back this year and that my family reunited. I just have to say this..... I have the very best husband! Sometimes I think I must have done something really good to deserve this man. LOL
In Oct. 2002, our son and I went to Japan, and I was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. He came to Japan in Dec. and commuted to my hospital room everyday for a month. Then he came back to the US alone and worked and worked without his son and wife around. During that time, I was going through chemo, radiation, blood stem cell transplantation, and recovery in Japan, and he either e-mailed me or called me EVERY SINGLE DAY for A YEAR AND A HALF! Finally in June this year, he flew to Japan to pick up me and our son, and now we are back in the States reunited...
My husband makes me laugh whenever I need to, and he is a great, great father. Let me just share with you a cute thing he did just recently. ;D On Christmas eve, he helped our son write a letter to Santa and shot it with a skyrocket! :D It is just one of many cool things he does. (*^_^*)
I just hope next year, I am not going to be a pain for him again.


I foresee this coming new year will start out exciting and fun for me!
I am joining the thread crochetalong (temporary link) which start around Jan. 7th..... AND..... the Hello Kitty Knitalong!

The knitalong will include sweater, hat, mittens, legwarmers and a handbag which Oslofia designs and you can see some of them at her blog. After checking out her HK projects, you might have figured that some of them are crocheted! ;D I will probably make just some of all the things, but she said that's OK! Yiiipppiieee! I can't wait. (*^^*)


I wish all of you and your family a HAPPY NEW YEAR! (^^)/~

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