Getting relaxed

I hope everyone had a wonderful, happy Christmas! Mine was good with all the food, people, and presents, although I missed my family in Japan a bit. All of my side of family is in Japan, and usually it doesn't bother me much, but especially during holiday season, it hits me a bit. I miss crocheting with Mom and my sister with my son and my little nephew running around in the house. LOL

Well, the Christmas is over, and I feel like I'm finally getting some rest. I've been sick with a cold, and bad migraine hit me last night, but I feel better today. I haven't been able to pick up a crochet hook since I made the wheat doily so not much crocheting news, but I sure have plans for some thread projects! (^^) Actually I have so many patterns I like, I don't know which one to start! Hehe.

Oh and one of the presents Hubby gave me was a....SEWING MACHINE! Yaaayyyy!!! I want to make a crochet hook case and a knitting circular needle case with it! But don't worry friends, sewing cannot take over my passion for crocheting or this blog. ;D

Added ---
Just one more thing I forgot to mention. (^^) It's not crochet related, but yesterday we put away our Christmas tree, and my 4-yr-old son went to pieces. (-_-) He cried and sobbed for about an hour saying "I want Christmas!" hugging the tree box! I felt so bad, I even thought about putting the tree back. Today he is OK. Thank God... I guess we are going to leave the lights outside a bit longer. (^^)

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