31 squares done!

I have made 31 squares so far for 63 square CAL, and that means I am about half way done! :)))

Although the suggested hook size for the squares is H, I had to use smaller/bigger hooks for some squares to make it close to 7in X 7in.    In many cases, I used G and I, and that is more likely expected.  But!  I had to use "F" for the square #29 (Alternate Spike SC) and "J" for #30 (Eyelet Lace), which made me wonder...   "Should I use the same hook for the edging???"   

For the edgings of the first 28 squares,  I used the same hook I used for the main square part without a question.  Now I regret a bit that I should have used H for the edging for all the squares.   When I started on edging for the square #29 with "F" hook, the stitches were obviously too small comparing to other squares so I switched the hook to "H", then the edging turned out alright. 

I think I will try to use only "H" hook for edging from now on,  whether or not I used different size hook for the main square part... 

I hope you all have a nice weekend!  :)

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