I have been thinking a lot about "creativity". I see lots of crocheters with such wonderful creativity, and I wondered about myself... Maybe I am not so creative. I know I can follow instructions (patterns), and make nice things, but they are not really "my" works. Oh how I'd love to be creative! But wait, it's not that I can't create anything at all, I have some ideas, and I HAVE made my own designs before... Well, I have been reading this to try to figure out, what "creativity" is, and what my problems are for not being so creative.

I laugh about myself thinking that creative people don't even have to think like I do or try to study what creativity is! LOL Anyways, what I need to do is to figure about "myself" and not really about "creativity", I think...

I believe in talents... Some people are just so gifted, they can do some things just naturally so well, and that's wonderful! :) And I think being able to appreciate their talent is a gift given to me. :))) I loooooove seeing other people's works.

I just hope now that the creativity can be learned...

Maybe I'm just a bit depressed since lots of things are going on around me, and I am so busy in my head, I did not get much crocheting done lately. LOL I really need some quiet time to just sit and crochet away. :)

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