I have been a busy mommy

I found this Japanese site with pictures of really cute crocheted hats made with linen thread.   I happened to have linen thread so I have been trying to make one of the hats.  Since I don't have the pattern, it's been a bit frustrating making it.   I had to rip it, I don't know how many times, so far, and I am expecting some more ripping until I finish it.    Although I love the softness and the nice weight of this linen hat, I think I will have to get a little break from it and go back to my 63 squares...

Guess what!  I got a new puppy yesterday!  :)))

She is a miniature schnauzer, 6 wks old.  She is fearless, playful, and she loves to sleep on my lap.  :)     Oh, she doesn't have a name yet.  I will try to come up with one later today. :)

It's been very hard for me since I lost my 10 year-old toy poodle while I was in Japan recovering from leukemia ( she was in the States).   My husband couldn't tell me about her death until later.  I even crocheted her a sweater in Japan looking forward to seeing her again.  :'(   I never wanted to talk about this tragedy with anyone but my husband , and I never thought I would have another puppy either...   But today, I am starting over again with a great new puppy.  :)   I hope I didn't sound awful.   Did I think I was ready for a new puppy?  - I was not sure.  Do I feel guilty? - Yes.    My poodle will always be my special.   But I do believe now that I am just having another special, precious friend.  :)

31 squares done!

I have made 31 squares so far for 63 square CAL, and that means I am about half way done! :)))

Although the suggested hook size for the squares is H, I had to use smaller/bigger hooks for some squares to make it close to 7in X 7in.    In many cases, I used G and I, and that is more likely expected.  But!  I had to use "F" for the square #29 (Alternate Spike SC) and "J" for #30 (Eyelet Lace), which made me wonder...   "Should I use the same hook for the edging???"   

For the edgings of the first 28 squares,  I used the same hook I used for the main square part without a question.  Now I regret a bit that I should have used H for the edging for all the squares.   When I started on edging for the square #29 with "F" hook, the stitches were obviously too small comparing to other squares so I switched the hook to "H", then the edging turned out alright. 

I think I will try to use only "H" hook for edging from now on,  whether or not I used different size hook for the main square part... 

I hope you all have a nice weekend!  :)


I have been thinking a lot about "creativity". I see lots of crocheters with such wonderful creativity, and I wondered about myself... Maybe I am not so creative. I know I can follow instructions (patterns), and make nice things, but they are not really "my" works. Oh how I'd love to be creative! But wait, it's not that I can't create anything at all, I have some ideas, and I HAVE made my own designs before... Well, I have been reading this to try to figure out, what "creativity" is, and what my problems are for not being so creative.

I laugh about myself thinking that creative people don't even have to think like I do or try to study what creativity is! LOL Anyways, what I need to do is to figure about "myself" and not really about "creativity", I think...

I believe in talents... Some people are just so gifted, they can do some things just naturally so well, and that's wonderful! :) And I think being able to appreciate their talent is a gift given to me. :))) I loooooove seeing other people's works.

I just hope now that the creativity can be learned...

Maybe I'm just a bit depressed since lots of things are going on around me, and I am so busy in my head, I did not get much crocheting done lately. LOL I really need some quiet time to just sit and crochet away. :)

Crochetville Swap

I am not doing anything right now except the squares for 63 Square CAL. I have made 20 so far. If you want to see the pictures of them, click on "20 of 63 done" on my sidebar. :)

I joined the Crochetville Swap that starts in September, and I am very excited about it. :) It is going to be a scarf swap, and I already have in mind which to make.

Butterfly Bookmark

I was so inspired by Donna, Julie, and Tiff, I had to make my own bookmark too. :D

Above is the Butterfly Bookmark. I wish I had yellow thread, but I guess it's OK. I had never crocheted a bookmark before this one, and it was a lot of fun! :) There are so many generous people who share their free bookmark patterns too so it was not easy to just pick one. :) In fact, I am thinking about making a couple more, and I wish I participated the July-August Crochetville Swap. :'( I even bought the book "3 Donzen & One Bookmarks" like the swap members did! I saw the book before, and I tried to pretend like I didn't see it, but I just had to get it. LOL Those little coloful thingies like bookmarks are just so addictive. :)

Girl & Boy Pants Potholders

When we visited Hubby's uncle's house the other day, two potholders hanging on their kitchen wall caught my attention. They were so cute, I asked my auntie-in-law about them, and she told me her mother crocheted them long time ago. She let me borrow them so I decided to make copies of those potholders, and I finished them last night. :)

These are only decorative because I used acrylic yarn which is not suitable for holding a hot pot. I don't know whether the potholders are her original work or not, but I really like them. :)

I made 3 more squares for my 63 Square CAL so now I have 11 squares done! Click on "11 of 63 done" on my sidebar to see them.

I will keep crocheting the squares, and I am going to make my first bookmark as well soon. :)

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