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"Night Owls"

Hmm... I promised a progress picture of the filet last time... Sorry I couldn't keep the promise. (>_<) But what about..... finished picture!!!

The pattern is from Magic Crochet- June 1989. P38-39.
I said on my last post that it's wallhanging, but I think I'll put it on the little window we have just like the picture in the magazine. (^_^) Years ago, I tried size 40 thread, and I gave up. This time, the thread and all those treble stitches didn't hurt at all, but I need to work on steady tention of stitches.

This is the only project I have been working on, and I have no WIPs. I still can't decide what to work on next, but I think I am going to use thread mainly until the end of summer.