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Cupcake Gift Card Holder

I have a good friend who recently had her birthday.

For this person, a gift card was perfect, but I wanted to add a bit of my personal touch.  So...  I just sat and came up with this idea - a cute gift card holder!!!  She is managing her calorie intake so I made it into a crocheted cupcake-shaped gift card holder. :)  Not edible, but sweet!

Pattern available for purchase on Ravelry!
I can use this for Christmas gifting too.  It would also make a cute Christmas tree ornament. :)
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Pigletta - New Design!

Hi all!

I'm so excited to announce my new design.
I hope this one will make you smile.  :)

Pattern available for purchase on Ravelry!
This pattern is packed with advanced beginner - intermediate crochet techniques.  You will never get bored working on this piggy!  I had so much fun with it. :)  
I'm already working on my next design, and I have been so sleepless.  When I do sleep, I'm still thinking about designs...  Just can't wait to offer another fun project! :)

Owl ❤ ~ Wise one speaks

This one reminds me to appreciate everything in my life. :)

I purchased this owl pattern on Ravelry.  I just couldn't help it! :D The design is in macrame style, and I love it!  The pattern is written in UK crochet terminology, but it also includes the US one. 
I cut up one of my birds' unused perches, and I used wooden buttons for his eyes.
I also enjoy cross stitch❤  I used one of Lizzie Kate's free charts.

Hearts for Peyton Heart Project

I crocheted these hearts for Peyton Heart Project.
There are so many sad things some people cause to others in this world.  I just think any of those worth anything.

I especially don't want young children to suffer from bullies at school since the experience seems to scar victims mind forever.  If you are/were a victim of bullying, please know that you are LOVED by many, many people surrounding you.  If you are/were a bully, please reach out to the one to whom you caused the pain and sincerely APOLOGIZE. - This is never too late. With all the social media in these days, how hard can it be??

"Vintage Granny Square Christmas Tree"

I just love vintage crochet patterns.  When I saw this photo tutorial on Ravelry, I just had to make one for myself.

Pattern: "Vintage Granny Square Christmas Tree"

See others' on Ravelry

Actually, you can use any simple crocheted squares that are worked from the center in rounds. - Mine has ch-1 between double crochet clusters instead of traditional ch-2.
My biggest square has 9 rounds in total, and the smallest one has 6 rounds.
I made up the trunk.  After squares were joined, I slip stitched all around the tree so that the joined squares were "one piece" and they wouldn't flop around.

You are free to add any decorations!  I made hearts that are two layers sewn together just because I wanted them puffy. :)

Now this tree is on our living room wall, and making it feel like Christmas. :)  I don't handle the pressure of Thanksgiving cooking well so I can't wait for next month to come. ;p


I decided to make a surprise gift for a dear friend.  It's been delivered. :)

Pattern: "The Wool Eater Blanket" designed by Sarah London Yarn: Red Heart Super Saver Solids
I received the most sincere response - her tears of joy! This lapghan matches the colors of her room.
This pattern is written in UK terminology, however, if you just follow the pattern, you will not miss that you need to do Treble Crochet Stitches (tr) instead of Double Treble (dtr). This lapghan came out thick and rather heavy since it requires lots of yarn, and it would keep you toasty warm. :)