Red, Green, White...

Just recently, I went to Michaels for the first time in quite some time.  I was waiting in a line to pay for a few things I picked, and I looked around... then I caught this warm aura (yeah... XD) that was coming from something colorful.  As I made sure that Hubby and my son would stay where we were in the line, I left them and walked up to it.  Then, there it was..... the cutest softie I've every seen!!!  I grabbed one of the red, green, and white skeins of yarn shelved right beneath the cutie and dashed back to where my boys were in the line.

I believed some white and red acrylic yarn were in my stash. - Oh how wrong I was!!  I did NOT have any white yarn (Doesn't everyone have one??)!  So... I headed back to the store at 9am next morning (I'm usually nowhere that early!) when they just opened to buy a skein of the required white yarn and some black beads.

Lookie what I made :)))

"Christmas in July Crochet Elf"
Free pattern by Michaels
Christmas in July Crochet Elf
**Please visit my Ravelry page (registration required. It's free!) 
to find my corrections for this pattern.

I LOVE this! It sure tickles the inner child of this 42-year-old woman. :)  Oh, how so pretty her long red hair is! :D - I had never crocheted a doll with hair.  Also, I used my old Clover Pom Pom maker set I inherited from my beautiful grandmother over 20 years ago when she passed. - Grandma Kiku I miss you so much!

Anyways, this cute elf girl is currently sitting on my cup on top of the microwave. :D  This definitely is the girliest corner of my neutral-colored home right now!  I just can't wait until December. XD

I wish I had enough hands to make this doll for all little girls (and boys who want one!) in the world.
Oh and I almost forgot to mention - If you use different colors, you can make a cute non-holiday theme doll. :)

Off to crochet her a friend. :)  She is lonely now...

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