Merino Knit Cardi

I finally finished up the cardi I started last year! :D

Arusha Jacket
Arusha Jacket

This is a jacket with a very comfortable ease.  If you want a snug jacket, I recommend going down on the size.  Using instruction for Small made a snug Medium, which is perfect for my younger sister!  I think it would look cute with the front open, tunic underneath it, a skirt, and boots! :)

The yarn I used is Mission Falls 1824 Wool in color Raisin.  This yarn has been discontinued, and it was a great deal for a cuddly soft superwash merino wool!  I love a good discount! :D

Yarn Snowflakes

I wanted big snowflakes so I used sport weight acrylic yarn :)

Yarn Snowflakes

These are all free patterns! :) :

Medium PID=4391


Please Support Children with Your Snowflakes

You all probably know what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT on Friday, December 14.
I want to support the children.  One way I can do is to send them crochet snowflakes. Would you like to join me?

There are many free crochet snowflake patterns on Ravelry!  :)

Please make and send snowflakes by January 12, 2013 to the Connecticut PTSA: 

Connecticut PTSA 
60 Connolly Parkway 
Building 12, Suite 103 
Hamden, CT 06514

Winner of Sharp Crochet Hook!!!

I'm so excited now!
I am just about to test a fortune of all of you fellow crocheters who entered for this giveaway....
I'm using the True Random Number Generator for this purpose.

The winner is....................

The 3rd person in the comment thread -

"Anonymous" person who wrote "happily-hooking" !


Please email me your information to me (my email address is in the right column under "About Me") so I can get your Sharp Crochet Hook mailed to you :)

All who didn't win, I'm very sorry...  BUT!  If you would really like to have one, it's available here :))) --->

Thank you everyone who participated in the giveaway!!!

Happy stitching,

Sharp Crochet Hook Giveaway!

You all know I love crocheting with thread...  Only reason why I have never edged hankies or baby blankets is because of having to prepare holes (I'm lazy like that :D).
Sharp Crochet Hook is an cleverly invented tool with a "pointy hook" that eliminate the need!  How convenient is that!  Check out this demo video:

I am also very excited to discover so many beautiful things I can can create with this hook. How would you like to be able to quickly & easily embellish shirts, socks, cards (yes...paper!), even "crocheting-on" a zipper to your projects..., and there is MORE!!
I LOVE this Christmas Tree Card Jessica created:

For a chance to win a Sharp Crochet Hook and the handbook that includes 15 edging patterns, please leave a comment by the end of this Friday, 10/26/12.  I will draw and announce a winner here on my blog on Saturday 10/27/12.  :)


Rudolf sits by my elf girl now. :)))

Visit my Ravelry page on this project

For Hind Legs, after I switch to brown yarn, I did sctog in every 2nd and 3rd sts to change the total number of stitches to 6 for skinnier legs and shorten them with less rows. - I did the same on Front Legs.

I spent 3 days to "get" the part on this pattern for antlers, but it could be just me. XD  I wasn't going to give up though since they were my most favorite parts of this design!  The antlers are tubular for sturdiness and are crocheted more or less in free-form crochet style.  If you are making this Rudolf and get lost at Antlers, my advice is to strictly follow the pattern without questioning and not to assume how they are done.  In this way, you will achieve the handsome 3 pointer. :)

How would everyone like a give-away??  Stay tuned! ;)

Red, Green, White...

Just recently, I went to Michaels for the first time in quite some time.  I was waiting in a line to pay for a few things I picked, and I looked around... then I caught this warm aura (yeah... XD) that was coming from something colorful.  As I made sure that Hubby and my son would stay where we were in the line, I left them and walked up to it.  Then, there it was..... the cutest softie I've every seen!!!  I grabbed one of the red, green, and white skeins of yarn shelved right beneath the cutie and dashed back to where my boys were in the line.

I believed some white and red acrylic yarn were in my stash. - Oh how wrong I was!!  I did NOT have any white yarn (Doesn't everyone have one??)!  So... I headed back to the store at 9am next morning (I'm usually nowhere that early!) when they just opened to buy a skein of the required white yarn and some black beads.

Lookie what I made :)))

"Christmas in July Crochet Elf"
Free pattern by Michaels
Christmas in July Crochet Elf
**Please visit my Ravelry page (registration required. It's free!) 
to find my corrections for this pattern.

I LOVE this! It sure tickles the inner child of this 42-year-old woman. :)  Oh, how so pretty her long red hair is! :D - I had never crocheted a doll with hair.  Also, I used my old Clover Pom Pom maker set I inherited from my beautiful grandmother over 20 years ago when she passed. - Grandma Kiku I miss you so much!

Anyways, this cute elf girl is currently sitting on my cup on top of the microwave. :D  This definitely is the girliest corner of my neutral-colored home right now!  I just can't wait until December. XD

I wish I had enough hands to make this doll for all little girls (and boys who want one!) in the world.
Oh and I almost forgot to mention - If you use different colors, you can make a cute non-holiday theme doll. :)

Off to crochet her a friend. :)  She is lonely now...

Tunisian Crochet Coasters


Scared ya??? Yes... I'm still here... (^_^;)

I made a lot of these coasters with worsted weight cotton yarn over months in the past, and I just wanted to share them with you all:

Tunisian Crochet Coasters

I just used Tunisian Simple Stitches(TSS) and edged them around with Single Crochet Stitches(SC). TSS and worsted weight yarn create the thickness just right for coasters. I also like how variegated yarn look in TSS. (^_^)  Make sure to use a Tunisian crochet hook that is 1 or 2 size larger than suggested hook size for the yarn you are using to avoid excessive curling.

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