Violin Motif

Some weeks ago, I found Chisako's weblog - "Crochet a little". It includes tons of her designs of BEAUTIFL thread crochet motifs, doilies, accessories, etc. and their charts which for a moment, I wasn't sure if I wanted to share! Hehe. :P

I've made a few of her motifs, and here is one:
Violin Motif
Violin Motif
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Thread: Olympus Emmy Grande

Check out her pumpkin wagon & Cinderella! You can also combine her motifs to make beautiful scenes like this one!

This blog is originally in Japanese language, but scroll down and you will find "Translate to English" on the right column. Also, I recommend using the monthly post links to find the lists of her designs.

Now I'm pretty sure many threadies who visit this blog will be spending hours on Crochet a little like I did. :D

Have a good weekend! :)


Jessica said...

That's so beautiful Chie - you must have such patience to be able to do such a complicated motif in thread!

Mimi said...

LOvely work Chie!...thanks for sharing the designers' site. Great patterns!

Chie said...

Jessica -

It's really not that much complicated. Don't let thread scare you~~.:D You can do it, Jessica!

Mimi -

Thanks for stopping by, Mimi! Aren't her designs beautiful? There are lots I want to crochet, but so little time with homeschooling!

beachkoz said...

Thank you for this unique beautiful pattern. I made it in a few hours for my good friend who has decided to take violin lessons. Anyone have a bow pattern to go with violin?

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