Can't wait for spring!

It hits again. - Around this time every year, I start planting seeds in pots. This time, I decided on snow pea and cat grass for Tobi to eat. They are growing fine, and cat grass is already being invaded by him! :D Later this year, I'll plant spray millet outside for him too. :)

I envy people with green thumb since I never succeeded on growing beautiful flowering plants/keeping them alive. X( I want to try some flower bulbs instead of seeds, but it has to wait until it gets warmer outside. For right now, I can at least do this! :)
"Tulip Doily"
"Tulip Doily"
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13.5" in diameter with #10 thread

Tulips... how I love them. :) On its diagram, the last row of the flowers shows 1-ch spaces instead of picots shown in the photo on the pattern so I did 3-chain picots.

Off to find another pretty flowerly pattern! :D


Margit Rosenaa said...

looks great - it's cute and spring like - thank you :)

Chie said...

Margit -

Aww, thank you! :)

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