Can't wait for spring!

It hits again. - Around this time every year, I start planting seeds in pots. This time, I decided on snow pea and cat grass for Tobi to eat. They are growing fine, and cat grass is already being invaded by him! :D Later this year, I'll plant spray millet outside for him too. :)

I envy people with green thumb since I never succeeded on growing beautiful flowering plants/keeping them alive. X( I want to try some flower bulbs instead of seeds, but it has to wait until it gets warmer outside. For right now, I can at least do this! :)
"Tulip Doily"
"Tulip Doily"
Free download for members of HassDesign
13.5" in diameter with #10 thread

Tulips... how I love them. :) On its diagram, the last row of the flowers shows 1-ch spaces instead of picots shown in the photo on the pattern so I did 3-chain picots.

Off to find another pretty flowerly pattern! :D

Violin Motif

Some weeks ago, I found Chisako's weblog - "Crochet a little". It includes tons of her designs of BEAUTIFL thread crochet motifs, doilies, accessories, etc. and their charts which for a moment, I wasn't sure if I wanted to share! Hehe. :P

I've made a few of her motifs, and here is one:
Violin Motif
Violin Motif
Published on Crochet a little
Thread: Olympus Emmy Grande

Check out her pumpkin wagon & Cinderella! You can also combine her motifs to make beautiful scenes like this one!

This blog is originally in Japanese language, but scroll down and you will find "Translate to English" on the right column. Also, I recommend using the monthly post links to find the lists of her designs.

Now I'm pretty sure many threadies who visit this blog will be spending hours on Crochet a little like I did. :D

Have a good weekend! :)

Apple Doily

I know this is belated, but HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone!!! :)

Again, I was hit by an urge to crochet a doily, and I found this free pattern on Ravelry. :D
*click photo to enlarge*
"Apple for the Teacher Doily"
"Apple for the Teacher Doily"
designed by Denise Augostine

This doily can be worked up in just a few hours, and I'm sure it would make a nice gift for teachers. This year, I'm my son's teacher so this doily is for myself. Ha!

I also recently found many beautiful doilies some skilled crocheters made on Flickr, and I was off to my local craft store right away to buy some thread in pretty colors. :) Now I'm on the hunt for beautiful variegated thread!

I feel the joy of crochet the most from using #10 thread and little hooks. How about you? :) More doilies to follow... I think. :D

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