Shawl & Amineko

It's cold here today in Central Mississippi again!!!
It's 40 degrees F now, and it was snowing a bit a while ago. I get to wear my shawl I recently finished! :)))

"Broome Street Shawl"
Pattern: "Broome Street Shawl" from Lion Brand
Yarn: Knit Picks Swish Bulky in Blackberry

This shawl is knitted from a long side, and I was lazy to do a swatch (my bad!) so it comes down to my knee in front, and I'd prefer it to be a bit shorter. Oh well. :) The shawl serves the purpose! It's super warm and soft. :)
This pattern was a mindless knitting which I really needed!


Also, I recently helped my friends crochet the famous Amineko (This site is in Japanese, but the pattern in English is available too!) designed by Nekoyama. :) I crocheted an Amineko long time ago, and my blog post is here.
a drum roll for my friends' Amineko

Amineko Crocheted by Friends
Crocheted by T-san, Y-san, O-san

Amineko crocheted by O-san
Crochted by O-san

Don't they just make you smile? :) I love amigurumi because none is alike even though same pattern is used, and you can never have identical results!


Anonymous said...

I love your shawl Chie! It's practicle and fashionable in the same time. The shawl pin, also really sets it off. I'll bet you'll get alot of use from this shawl, which I'm sure will make you happy too.

Your friend's amigurumi is so cute. I love the different postions it can do, gives it alot of character.

Thanks for sharing and Congratulations on your lovely projects.


Crocheting Mom

Chie said...

Crocheing Mom -

I thank you always for your kind comment. :) I stay busy, but I have to always have a relaxing project to help myself! :P Long rectangle shawls are perfect for the purpose! Also, enjoying my favorite craft with friends is another good thing. :)
One of the ladies also crochted some Amineko with threads and showed them to me. They were SUPER cute!!!

Thanks again. :)

bhenggay said...

wow, my sister is also in Mississippi... somewhere in Southaven... i love the shawl... nice color too...

Doloresjo said...

Gostei muito dos seus trabalhos.Vou seguir seu blog.
Gostaria de receber sua visita.


Margit Rosenaa said...

awww - they are so cute! thank you for posting them

Annabelle said...

Ohhhh. They are so adorable. Great job.

the jilted ballerina said...

I just became a "follower." I too knit and crochet... I love your blog!

Vik said...

What a beautiful shawl! I love the color you chose too!
And how cute the amigurumis...!

Chie said...

Awww, thank you all! :)))

By the way, O-san has made 20+ amigurumi cats so far - WOW!

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