Red Shawl

Ahh, it's good to be posting here again. :) I'm really sorry for my absense! This year has been crazy juggling and trying to balance things to do. I had no idea my son being 3rd grader (No wonder I feel OLD!) would create this much job either! He is growing, and things he says & does/doesn't tell me that he really is coming close to being a teenager, and I don't look forward to it. :D

Anyways - My SIL asked me to knit this shawl. She picked out the pattern and yarn from her local Michaels.

Friendship Shawl
"Knit Friendship Shawl" - Free pattern on Michaels website
Yarn used: Loops & Thread Impeccable in Claret

I love the stitch pattern! Its difficulty level and the repetitions with no increasing or decreasing are just what I needed to relax. :) Having the shawl on my wrap while I knit it was also very warm and comfy. I'm actually working on the 2nd one. I just couldn't help it. :P

I wish I had time to crochet some things for myself. I'm cold!!! :D - It even snowed here earlier this month. Brrrrr.

First Snow 2009

I'm looking at Mary Jane Slippers, Clapochet scarf, and... I can also use a bag like this or this!

I'll try to be back soon... :) You all stay warm!

Endless Crochet Cardi Shawl

It feels great out today here! It's still hot, but I can feel the fall is near - love it! I'm like a zombie in summer... I just don't do well in heat, and can't wait for fall to arrive! I see lots of nice patterns I want to add to my list of future project on Ravelry, and needless to say, it's more fun to crochet and knit in cooler seasons. :D

I was recently given an opportunity to make a crochet sample of one of the most beautiful crocheted garment designs I've ever seen. - The pattern is now available at Stitch Diva Studios!
Endless Crochet Cardi Shawl
"Endless Crochet Cardi Shawl"
(Shown Above is a sleeved version.)
Design & Model: Jennifer Hansen
Yarn Used: Tilli Tomas Plie & Beaded Plie with Sequins

I REALLY want you to see more photos of the Cardi Shawl. Learn the ENDLESS possibility of this Cardi Shawl here!

The pattern uses repetitive stitch patterns with no increasing/decreasing. I just crocheted a long rectangle and seamed it in a clever way that produces the great result. - Jennifer is a genius!!! This sample I crocheted is a sleeved version, and adding the sleeves was easy too.

Oh, by the way - there is a knitted version too! - Endless Knitted Cardi Shawl

LOVE this hat!

Hiya! :) I'm still here as always... never far from yarn, hooks and needles! Just didn't have a chance to post as often. :(

I found a really CUTE crochet hat pattern last night on Ravelry, and I started crocheting this hat right away!!! :)

Inauguration Chapeau Inauguration Chapeau
Inauguration Chapeau for Beth"(Free!) by Ellen Bloom
Yarn: Bernat Cashmere Natural Blends (Discontinued)

This pattern has all the good things. - It's easy to follow and I believe you can make any sizes with any yarn and any sizes of hooks just by adjusting number of rounds and length of the tie. I have a big head :D, and I have lots of hair so most hats sold at stores don't fit me, but this one does! This hat is definately not going anywhere!

I have some more projects to post here soon. ;)


How is everybody's summer going? :) Mine has been hectic as always working, studying, trying to entertain my son and help him with his homework, practicing the violin, etc..... BUT! We did get away a bit (first time in 3 years!) in Atlanta, Georgia! We visited Georgia Aquarium and The World of Coca-Cola. Watch You Tube videos of these two places:

Georgia Aquarim (You Tube)
World of Coca Cola (You Tube)

My boy loved the aquarium, and he took tons of fish photos until my camera didn't let him anymore. :D
I used to live in Georgia about 15 years ago... It sure felt strange to visit there again! :) I was exhausted during the trip, but I'm glad I was there to spend fun time with my family. I think I needed a change of scenery more than I thought I did. :D I even swam in swimming pools at the hotel we stayed! I'm glad to have found I still can swim. - Last time I was in a swim suit was... 17 years ago. :P It was also great to meet up with hubby's friends and their families there as well! What nice people! :)

Blossom Kimono

Have you seen Spring 2009 issue of Interweave Crochet? :)
"Blossom Kimono" is a cardigan made with crocheted motifs, and I just love the colors! I was happy to be given the opportunity to make some of the motifs for this pretty garment. :)

~ Photos by Interweave Press ~
Blossom Kimono from Interweave Crochet, Spring 2009
Blossom Kimono ~ Motif Close-up
Blossom Kimono ~ Back View
Pattern Source: Spring 2009 issue of Interweave Crochet
Designer: Robyn Chachula (see her blog post on this project)

Hourglass Jacket

Broomstick lace crochet is easy, fast, and so much fun! A sample of Hourglass Jacket I recently crocheted -

~ Photo by Jennifer Hansen ~
Hourglass Jacket
Model: Jennifer Hansen
Pattern: Hourglass Jacket
Yarn: Studio Silk in Poison Eggplant

Pink Baby Poncho

It's been quite a while since I finished this poncho, and I'm finally posting it. :)
I knitted this for my niece.

Hooded Baby Poncho
"Hooded Baby Poncho" - free pattern on Lion Brand Yarn
Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton Ease

This poncho was really easy and quick, which I love. :) I'm going to add snaps or just sew a bit on the sides to make armholes so the front and back won't flap.
I'm hoping to post some crochet projects soon. ;)

Happy 2009!

Wishing you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hope you had GREAT holidays!

I had little time to crochet/knit for myself in 2008 and to post on this blog, but here are just the ones I actually posted here. :)

* click for details *
Projects 2008

I would like to send big THANK YOU to the kind people I worked with last year. I had opportunities to crochet samples for some great crochet books and knitting magazines, and for Stitch Diva Studios and Crochet by Faye.

I am also happy that many people used my free very simple skateboarder beanie pattern to make gifts. :)

Skateboarder's Beanie

You can see photos of the beanie made by other people here on Ravelry!

For 2009, I am determined to keep yarn, hooks, and needles close to me and to organize my projects and have a better year-end project report! :P

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