Cutest Sweater for Babies - Knit

I finished this sweater last month. :) I enjoyed the front lace panel so much!
I think this is the easiest and cutest sweater for babies I ever made, and I'm sure I'll be making more in the future! This one is in size 24 months.

Presto Chango
Pattern: Presto Chango
Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton Ease

Misato in Presto Chango

I hope you all will have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! :)))

Little Bags - Crochet Pattern

This is a PDF download that includes 2 bag patterns - "Camera Bag" & "Little Brown Bag". Perfect beginner projects!


Any worsted weight

Finished Size:
* Camera Bag fits most point-and-shoot cameras.
* Little Brown Bag stands H 4.5 inch X W 7 inch, excluding handles.

Skill level:

$6 USD - PDF download only

** You will need Adobe Reader(Free!) to view and print this pattern.

This pattern is for personal, non-commercial use only. Please do not distribute.

"Sweet Dress" - Knit

I just finished knitting this dress for my new niece to be born any time now. :)

"Sweet Dress" - Front View
"Sweet Dress" - Back View
Pattern Source: Bernat "Precious Pieces (to knit and crochet)" Booklet
I simplified the back opening. :)

New Foot Scrubbie added!

I have completed Mimi's tawashi collection with her new Foot Scrubbie!

Cute Tawashi Collection
Designer: Mimi Alelis

This pattern has all three tawashi patterns. You can purchase the pattern at her Ravelry store and also her Etsy store.

Great Tawashi!

I've been trying to find cute and practical tawashi designs, and when I was visiting my favorite blogs last week, I finally found them! These tawashi are just perfect for cleaning dishes. :) I used Japanese antibacterial acrylic yarn.

Flower Scrubbie   Handy Tawashi
"Flower Scrubbie" & "Handy Tawashi" designed by Mimi Alelis

My friend and a crochet designer, Mimi created this great tawashi patterns! You can purchase these patterns at her Ravelry store and also her Etsy store.

For those of you who never heard of "tawashi", it's a Japanese word for "scrubbie". Generally, tawashi is either crochet or knit with acrylic yarn, and it's the best thing to use especially for washing dishes! - I always have tawashi in my kitchen. Once you start using them, you will never buy sponges! If I never crocheted, I would learn it just to make tawashi, really. :)

Anyways, I'm happy the photos are up and everything now that I can finally use these cute tawashi! :D

Hourglass Jacket - Stitch Diva Studios

I've been gone too long! Hope everyone is doing well and that you didn't forget about me. :D

"Hourglass Jacket" is one of my recent projects which I tested and made samples of. I enjoyed broomstick crochet so much, and this one was quick to make!

Hourglass Jacket - Stitch Diva Studios
"Hourglass Jacket"
Design and photo by Jennifer Hansen
This pattern can be purchased at Stitch Diva Studios

I think this is the most beautiful broomstick crochet garment design I've ever seen.

I'm making Cecilia Chemise now to give it to someone, and I only have sleeves left to do. :) I rarely feel like making crochet garments, but this is an exception.

Chunky Cap

Just very quickly I want to share with you my latest crochet project. :)  This one is very easy, fast, and the pattern is free too!

"Chunky Cap" from January 2008 issue of Crochet Today!
You can also download a free pdf on their website.
Yarn I used: Red Heart Light & Lofty

This hat makes me miss snow.  This one's going to my sister. :)

Sorry I'm late...

But... HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone!!!

Last year passed VERY quickly.  I stayed pretty busy - My son became a first grader, I stayed busy making crochet samples, testing patterns, teaching crochet, and working behind the Stitch Diva Studios.  I started this new year just as busy, and I hope this year will be as good as last year... or even better! :)


I'm ashamed to say, I still haven't posted all the photos of the projects I finished last year. :P
This is still just one of them, but I made more corsages to give to teachers with the candy I like to make in winter.

More Corsage
Pattern: Lion Brand "Crochet Rosettes / Flowers"
Yarn: Patons SWS
Hook: J/10/6mm

I love the colors of Patons SWS yarn.  I already had some skeins, but I just didn't know what to make with them before.  I was able to make 3 flowers out of 1 skein and each one of them looked slightly diffent, which I liked. :)
Just to avoid any confusion, the pictured 3 corsages above came from 3 different colors of the yarn.

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