Hourglass Jacket - Stitch Diva Studios

I've been gone too long! Hope everyone is doing well and that you didn't forget about me. :D

"Hourglass Jacket" is one of my recent projects which I tested and made samples of. I enjoyed broomstick crochet so much, and this one was quick to make!

Hourglass Jacket - Stitch Diva Studios
"Hourglass Jacket"
Design and photo by Jennifer Hansen
This pattern can be purchased at Stitch Diva Studios

I think this is the most beautiful broomstick crochet garment design I've ever seen.

I'm making Cecilia Chemise now to give it to someone, and I only have sleeves left to do. :) I rarely feel like making crochet garments, but this is an exception.


Mimi said...

Take two (blogger just ate my comment...)

I like that jacket, Chie, you did an excellent job!
The cecilia chemise is also lovely...fabulous designs! Must be exciting to work with such talent :)

Chie said...

Hi Mimi! :)

Happy to hear from you!!!
I think Jennifer Hansen's this spring designs are just fabulous, don't you think? I'm not saying this just because I work with her. :D

Sharon said...

Hi Chie:))))

No we did not forget about you. I've really missed you and I love the top you've been making. I wish my waist was small enough to wear one of those. They are cute!!

Chie said...

Hi Sharon! :)))

I too wish I was smaller! I love Stitch Diva Studios designs, but I always end up making them for somebody else - mostly for my sister who is very slender!

Knit - R - Done said...

Lovely. I remember my mother making brown/orange/mustard broomstick lace afghans out of acrylic yarn in the 70s and 80s. It's so fun to do!

I like the look and drape of this sweater better than any broomstick work I've ever seen.

Louise said...


I'm Louise from South Africa and new to this. Absolutely Adore the Cecilia Chemise pattern. Is there a way that we in SA can get it against a better price because for us it is VERY expensive?

Myownigloo said...

Is the photo the actual piece you made? Gorgeous!

Rebecca said...

beautiful! now, if i just had an 'hourglass' figure to make it for! poo. you did a beautiful job on the top

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