"Sweet Dress" - Knit

I just finished knitting this dress for my new niece to be born any time now. :)

"Sweet Dress" - Front View
"Sweet Dress" - Back View
Pattern Source: Bernat "Precious Pieces (to knit and crochet)" Booklet
I simplified the back opening. :)


Mimi said...

That really looks so sweet, Chie! How wonderful to be having another baby in your family.
Btw, I just bought a japanese book with lots of cute baby crochet designs at our bookstore. Maybe when my niece gives birth on January I will have the motivation to make some baby items. And yes, I'm going to be a grandaunt for the first time :p

Sharon said...

Chie, this little dress is lovely! I've really missed your posts. It's good to see you again.

Chie said...

Mimi -
Thanks! I'm really looking forward to see this baby (at least on photos)! She is 5 days over-due, and my sister says still no signs of her coming out to this world. :( We should have this baby soon though, that's for sure!

Sharon -
It's getting cooler now here in Mississippi, and I can feel fall is finally here! :D I still don't have much time for my own crochet/knit, but I'm slowly working on it. :) I think I'm all into baby/kids items right now, and have decided what to make next. :)

CLaudinha Croche said...

I love to gress


CLaudinha Croche said...

to dress

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