Last one and a half months

Ok... I know it's been way too long since the last post... AGAIN. *sigh*
Trust me, it's really embarrassing that I almost feel like I should just shut this blog..... but maybe not just yet. :) I started this blog more than 3 years ago, and I really hope I will be able to keep it like... forever. :D

The crochet & knitting season is in, and I currently teach crochet twice a week at my house. I've also been crocheting & knitting like a mad woman and finished 2 bags, 2 simple scarves, and some other small items. I bought a few books which I LOVE. I also experimented SPINNING with a drop spindle!! I plan to crochet & knit as many winter garments as possible this year.

I'll post later for the details of the things I mentioned above. Right now, I'm overwhelmed. :D I'll try to do photo taking and posting as soon as I can, I promise!

Today, I just want to announce that I'm finally at Ravelry and also Crochet Me!!! You can find me by the URL of this blog, although I need to warn you that I don't have much on them yet. :P


Mimi said...

Glad you are finally in on Ravelry, Chie!
And its really ok, if you find time to post only once a month, or whatever...maybe you could make up for it by showing lots of photos ;)

Ulla said...

Wellcome back

Happy to see you are blogging .I'm also a member of Ravelry but I have not anything but been inspirated by many there.
Have a nice time
Ulla in the north of Sweden

JulieP said...

Just wanted to say Hi! I've also finally at Ravelry. Please show your spinning. That's one thing I've never tried.

Kelly The Crafty Cat said...

Hi Chie,
I am so glad that you got your invite! I got mine last week I think. Silly you don't ever consider shutting down your site~

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