Felted Entrelac Handbag

The Entrelac Handbag is all felted and completed!

Felted Entrelac Handbag
"Felted Entrelac Handbag"
Pattern from: Gourmet Crochet

I just love the entrelac pattern, and this bag was such an easy and quick project!
This time, I made the strap thinner, but I'm not sure if it was necessary.
Next time, I will probably try using a smaller hook and see how much faster the bag will felt than this one. I also think it would be fun to make a bigger bag by crocheting with 2 strands of the yarn.

I feel all like felting now that actually, I've made another felted bag with the yarn I had in my stash, and it's drying now. ;)
Oh, and I'm planning to put lining on both bags before I start using them in winter, and I really need to find out where my sewing machine is! :D


Kelly The Crafty Cat said...

Wow I love it! The felting came out great. With the tunisian I wouldn't think you would have to felt it, but I bet it is much sturdier.

I can't figure out which book it is in on the site, but wow I want them all now!

Great job as always Chie.


Mimi said...

I'm intrigued by the entrelac pattern, I will have to try it sometime. But felting, I guess would remain a mystery to me in a very long time, since I don't even have the yarn and the time (and maybe the patience) to try it out.

Oh, and excellent work Chie, your bag turned out very pretty!!!

Ulla said...

What a great bag!

The colours and the form seems to be perfect.
Ulla in the north of Sweden

Sharon said...


I love your purse. I would love to try that bag, but I have to figure out how to get the pattern. It looks like fun.!

Pam said...

Great bag!

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