Update on scarf

*Sigh* I started thinking the yarn which I'm using for the scarf is a little too itchy. I adjusted the width and made it narrower so that it doesn't touch skin when worn over a turtle-neck sweater... but still, I'm not sure if I should keep knitting scarves with the yarn... :(
I thought about making a shawl instead, but the color the yarn to me is too flashy to make a bigger item such as a shawl with...
I don't know what to do now. :(


Romi said...

Hi Chie,

We can change our plan - I'm open for anything, so please let me know if you had a better idea beside making scarf. I don't wear turtle much, so I don't like to get itchy - shawl is cool to me though! Or how about to make Celica's "haramaki" LOL - Once I seriously tried to make it but I could not finish it. Haha! Anyway, I'll call you when I'm ready :)
See ya!

Lily said...

How about make a bag?

Chie said...

Romi-chan (*^^*) -
I'm so sorry about the yarn... I got too happy about the price tag, and forgot to check how itchy it was. Maybe we can make it wider and make a shoulder wrap? I'll email you!

Lily -
Thank you so much for your suggestion! :) Yes, I'm actually thinking about making a bag with1 of 2 colors I have. Fortunately, there is a felted bag pattern on it's website: http://www.modadea.com/cache.htm
I might skip the ruffle and add height to it though. ;D

Kari said...

hehe I was gonna suggest a bag.
I think it's lovely yarn a bag would look great

Mimi said...

I have one scarf in my WIP box, and I'm not eager to finish it also because it is itchy (acrylic, mohair blend), but I started on it anyway, because I only have one skein of that yarn and its enough to make a scarf :p
I think your shoulder wrap idea will work ;)

Chie said...

Kari -
Thanks for your suggestion, Kari! How do you think about the felted bag I mentioned above? :) I have 10 skeins total and it only requires 4 skeins for the bag so I think I'll try it. :)

Mimi -
You have an itchy scarf too? :D I was so upset because I thought the knitted fabric was coming along pretty... I'll probably use 4 skeins for the felted bag, 5 for a shoulder wrap and 1 skein for the flower pin that's also on the Moda Dea website mentioned above. :)
Thanks Mimi!!!

projektleiterin said...

Hm, I won't comment too much on the scarf, because I haven't really read the other entry and this now is only going to be quick post on my part, because I only wanted to tell you that I can't read the comments on your site. It seems like you are using white fonts on a white background. I can only read them when I highlight them and I've tried it with the Firefox and the IE, but it still does not make any difference...

Chie said...

Projektleiterin -
You have no idea how grateful I am for your comment!!!! That was the ONLY problem I was having with this template, and I just had no clue what was causing it. This problem is now all fixed! THANK YOU, thank you, thank you!

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