Knitting a scarf

Can you believe I lost this post TWICE after typing everything up?! Also it was automatically publishend a couple of times when I was only trying to save! :(
Anyway, here is my 3rd attempt... I'm so patient. :D I'm going to save every 2 rows as I go this time. *sigh*


I'm knitting a scarf! :)

*Click for a bigger view*

I'm using Moda Dea Cache in color "Smartie". One of my friends and I got this great deal at our local Michaels last week, and each of us bought 4 skeins of the yarn. Today I went back and got 6 more skeins. :D I was surprised to find they still had the yarn left!

Anyway, the friend who went to Michaels with me - said she had not knitted for a long time, and she didn't have needles, but I knew a good solution for that! :) It was:

K every row (garter stitch) using 2 needles in different sizes !

I love this technique for bulky yarn with lots of character such as Cache.
I'm sure her hands will remember how to "K" quickly, and using this technique, we only need a pair of a size and a pair of another size for both of us, and I can just lend mine (I have only a pair for each size). I thought it was great that she didn't have to buy a pair of needles especially because she doesn't know if she will knit more after this scarf. :)

Because it's garter stitch, both sides of the scarf will look identical which is great, and by using 2 different-size needles, you can make it look more exciting than regular garter stitch. :) Also, because big needles are used, this scarf works up so quickly that I think I can finish it in 1 day if I wanted to, and OH how little the amount of yarn it requires! It's shocking to me because I have just crocheted and crocheted and have hardly knitted for a looooong time. :D
By the way, I'm using a US #15 (10mm) and a #35 (19mm). I especially LOVE my beautiful #35 needles and stoppers that fit them! If you are interested, you can find them at Stitch Diva Studios.

I'll be knitting scarves until I finish up all 10 skeins of the yarn. :)


Mimi said...

Wow, that's pretty Chie, the yarn looks expensive! I'd have to try that garter stitch using two different size needles next time I'm making a scarf :)
I hope my comment or next post doesnt get lost when I click publish...had that happen to me too and its frustrating.

Chie said...

Mimi -
Can you believe I got the yarn $2/skein, and it's usually around $6?! :))) I was very happy about that, and I think I went a little crazy over the great discount. :D

CrochetManiacs said...

That's pretty, I love that yarn, it sparkles...........what kind is it? LOL, on th post getting lost more than once when publishing....blogger is good at that sometimes.

knitphomaniac said...

that's some beautiful yarn :)

Chie said...

knitphomaniac -
Isn't it though? :) I just wish it wasn't itchy. :'(

Chie said...

crochetmaniacs -
I usually don't buy yarn like this one, but Michaels was selling it for $2 each, and I just couldn't resist. This yarn is Moda Dea Cache in color "Smartie.

Terry said...

I really like this blog - and the scarf looks as if it's going to be beautiful. Well, I imagine it's already finished and IS beautiful.

Thanks for a great blog!

Chie said...

Terry -
Thank you so much for your kind words, Terry! :)
I feel really bad that I can't post more often, but I'm really glad you stopped by, and I hope you will again. :)
I wish I could finish the scarf, but I frogged it all because the yarn was too itchy. :'( I thought the yarn might look great as a scarf though...

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