Our tree & "Coming Home" poncho

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. :)
We had a little family gethering at my SIL's house.
I baked a 4-layer pumpkin cake, which I got its recipe from kraftfoods.com.
If you love creamcheese and pumpkin, this cake is for you!
It was a hit, and women at the gethering begged for the recipe. :)

By the way.....

Do you remember my crochet snowflakes I made in August?
Well, they are on our tree now! :D

I just wish I made more snowflakes...
I'm pretty sure I'll be making more for years to come.
I just LOVE how they look, and my son never wants to leave the side of the tree. :D
The information about my crochet snowflakes can be found here and here.


In an evening after Thanksgiving, I made the famous "Coming Home" poncho. :)

Pattern from Lion Brand website.

I used Homespun in color "Sierra".
I'm not sure if I picked a right color for my younger sister, but this poncho is very WARM. My sis is always cold so I know she will wear it. :D

I'm now working on another one in different color.
It's going to go to my mom. :)


Rebecca said...

your tree is so beautiful!!!
i love it :)

Chie said...

Thank you, Rebecca!

Crocheting Mom said...

Your poncho is beautiful! I have just finished one, and found it a very gratifying project. I just might start another! Thank you for sharing.


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