"Between-Meal Centerpiece"

I must say, this is my most favorite project so far!

I had been saying this one was a doily, but it's actually is a table centerpiece. :P You can tell I'm obsessed with doily making, can't you? LOL
Well... The pattern is at FreePatterns.com. The thread is #10. The size was supposed to be 30" in diameter, but mine ended up to be 32".

Such a great project! I must say, I LOVE this one. I can look at it all day long. I MUST find a round-top table for this centerpiece! (^_^)


I was gonna start on a gift for a baby again, but I'm now thinking... doily. Hehe.
I haven't decided which pattern yet.


Linda said...

Hi Chie, I would like the pattern for this table centerpiece. Unfortunately, it isn't available at FreePatterns anymore. If you would be willing to send it to me, I would really appreciate it!
If you are ok with it, please send this pattern to Linda at killoughs@hotmail.com
Hugs! Linda

Sue Black said...

I know thus is years sice you posted this but I would really love to have the pattern could you email it to e at garsueb@gmail.com. I think this is a beautiful centerpiece. Thank you.

Kavita Agarwal said...

Hi Chie,

This one is beautiful, please send it kavita.pisces@gmail.com if you don't mind. This is a treasure to make and keep.

Chie said...

Unfortunately right now, this pattern doesn't seem to be available anywhere :(
If you have an Ravelry account, there is a good chance that you can keep track of the whereabouts of this pattern: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/between-meal-centerpiece

carol steeves said...

If anyone has this pattern could you please send it to me,I would love to try to make it.

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