Bow Sleeve

For all of you who has been waiting for the photo of my hubby's bow sleeve I mentioned before, at last, here is the picture, but the sleeve doesn't have the button (He is supposed to make it, but hasn't yet). :P

Before I made it he said, "Chie, just throw in whatever colors of yarn you don't need, don't think nothing, just let yourself go with it. (I thought that's what he said and he meant however I crochet to make it is fine.)" So I did, and he loves the sleeve. :)


...And one of Hubby's bows he made, and it's the one I made the sleeve for. This one is not for decorative purpose, and he actually goes hunting with it. He said he wants a small photo posted. LOL Click on the photo to view a slightly larger photo. ;D

Added on 02/17/05:

The bow sleeve is finally finished with a new button made with deer horn. It is just the tip of a horn with two holes drilled into.

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Mimi said...

I just saw this now, Chie :) My son would probably be envious of that bow since he had also wished to take up archery before. (actually, he took up fencing...)
That's a beautiful bow, and you did a nice sleeve for it. You are both creative ;)

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