Holiday Projects

Hiya. :D I bet you all were thinking, "Where in the world did Chie go???". LOL
Well, I am through making Christmas gifts, mailed out the ones that had to be mailed, and I only have some wrapping left. (^_^) We put up our Christmas tree, put outside lights and house decorations too.

Here are some of the things I made.


The beret pattern is from Coat's & Clark's booklet called "Accessorize!", which I got from my local WM. It has crochet and knitting patterns ONLY for Red Heart's Light & Lofty yarn. I used P hook instead of suggested N hook. It's probably just me, but I can't use this yarn with smaller hooks than P. (^^; The mini scarf is made with repeating HDC row and DC row.

I used Toe-Up Crochet Socks pattern to make the mini stocking ornament. The yarn is Lion Brand's Chenille Think & Quick in Scarlet 113 and white Fun Fur. I'd like to thank wonderful Sharon to make this ornament possible. *bows*


Now it's time for me to plan Christmas meal! It's always a bit frustrating because I am not so familiar with traditional American holiday dishes. You see, sushi or tempura for Christmas is just so... improper (or not?)! LOL This year, I am planning on making lots of sweets, and I am definitely making this, this, and this! Yummy, yummy... (=^_^=) Cara is a talented knitter & crocheter who uses both yarn and thread!


I am very excited about upcoming Crochetville thread crochet CAL(temporary link) which is going to start around Jan. 7th 2005! In fact, I'm too excited I couldn't help but to start making a doily with this pattern from Celt's Vintage Crochet, and it is almost finished. To be honest, I cannot recommend this pattern to beginner crocheters just because there are some errors on the pattern, and the doily on the picture cannot be accomplished just by following the pattern. (-_-;) There is an error on the 1st row so it's confusing at the very beginning. But with some experience of making doilies, the error shouldn't be hard to correct. Celt's Vintage Crochet has tons of BEAUTIFUL thread crochet patterns, and I love it!
Hopefully next time, I will be able to post a picture of my finished doily. (^_-)*

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