Things I made for Kelly

Kelly was my gift recipent for Crochetville Autumn Secret Pal swap. (^_^) I studied her color preference etc. very, very carefully and made the following.

My very first hand-made item for her was a linen doily. I combined two Japanese patterns I had and came up with this.

And the next was a cellphone cozy. This is my own design. Hehe.

I made a hook case for Kelly as well. Its pattern is here. One of the pictures on the pattern page shows that this hook case can hold up to 28 crochet hooks and many more tools. How clever! I had to make one for myself, too. (^_^)

Finally, a scarf. The yarn is Red Heart's Light & Lofty, and the color is 9617 Pheasant. I DC-ed away the scarf because I thought this way, it would become thick and bouncy soft.

I so enjoyed every steps to make all those things... Learning what Kelly likes, checking her blog to find a clue what she might need, deciding what to make, picking yarn of her favorite colors, crocheting daydreaming her reaction when she receives the item.....
Making things for somebody is just so much fun and addictive. (=^_^=) That's why no matter how many items I make, I have few left with myself. And I know I'm not the only one, I can tell from reading all the blogs of my super nice fellow crocheters & knitters. LOL How awesome!

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