I hope everyond had a great Haloween! (^_^)
I didn't get to have any Haloween fun because my 4-yr-old son gets terrified with anything Haloween. There was no way we could get him to wear a Haloween costume, and he didn't even let us buy a pumpkin! (-_-;) I really should have crocheted a pumpkin so I could have my own little Haloween... Oh, well.....

I didn't crochet/knit lately. It's just that I don't know what to make although I really want to start making something. But, my friend in Oklahoma called me tonight and asked me to help her crochet some snowmen for elderlies. I said OK. She said she would send me a "sample". I am looking forward to it. Talking about snowman, I recently saw Danielle's snowman on her blog, and I fell in love with it!

I know some of you are waiting for my puppy's sweater photo. I am going to take some after she gets her grooming on Monday. LOL

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