Isn't she a cutie? (^_^)

Here is my latest creation.

I saw "meomi cellphone cozy" the other day, and I loved it. I also looked at the price and thought... "I'll just make one. (^_^;)" LOL

My version perfectly fits my CP, and it has a TAIL! Hehe.

I also found other people who was inspired by "meomi" at They made their CP cozies too, and I think they are super cute!

I love making CP cozies! I know I am making more. (^_-)-*

My 63 Square Afghan !!!

OK everyone, I DID IT!!! I finished this afghan! I don't dance, but today I feel like it! LOL Anyways, here is the completed picture:

Completed 63 Square Afghan Posted by Hello

Joining wasn't too bad, and the border was great! Last night, I worked on this afghan like I was obsessed until I finished it. I probably scared my hubby a bit. LOL

I sooo love this afghan! Now I don't know what to do with it. LOL I am thinking..... maybe I can make it a wedding gift for my son. He is only three now though... (^^;) Well, Hubby said he can make a cedar chest for the afghan if I really decide to save it until our son gets married. I like the idea! Yayyyy!!! I'm just so happy! (*^_^*)

All 63 squares!!!

I finally finished all the 63 squares! Wooohoooooooo!

63 squares Posted by Hello

I will start sawing them all together... I hope it won't take as long as making all those squares. LOL


Today is my 3 yr-old's first day of school in the U.S.! He was scared at first, but I just received a phone call from one of the teachers, and she told me he is doing just fine. Oh, what a relief. (^^;)

He needed a small pillow to take to school so we bought him one, but I thought about the pillow Jennifer made. I had some Homespun yarn so I just had to make one too. (^_^)

I added a large bandana...

I just crocheted in round with DC, and crocheted 2 rows of SC to close the sides.

51 Squares!

I couldn't get on the Internet for 3 days, but I finally fixed the problem after all the hours of talking with tech assistant on the phone. I have been so busy lately, but I managed to make 12 more squares. (^_^)v Here is my favorite one.

At some point, I started to use ONLY H hook for edging even though I use bigger/smaller hook for the main square, and it works for me! I can never get those pictures right for my squares though... I guess it's because all the resizing I do. (-_-#)

Although I said that I would work only on my squares until I finish all of them, I made a couple of fun things for my Crochetville Secret Pal exchange. (^_^) I personally really like them, and I hope the recipient will like them too. I am posting pictures of them at the end of October. (^_-)-*

Dear my Secret Pal

Secret Pal,

I hope you will read this post because I have something to tell ya. Hehehe. (^_^)

I received an E-mail the other day from a lady. She liked the scarf you made for me, and she is interested in its pattern. (^_^) If it is OK for you to share the info. about the pattern source with her, please leave me a comment so I can give you her E-mail address to contact her. That way, you will share the pattern source just with her. (^_-)-* How do ya think?

By the way, I have a permission from the lady for this post. (^_^)

I have lots in mind

I had not been feeling so well until today. I am OK this morning, and I am happy about that. (*^_^*)


Since the cradle purse, I worked on a project for my Crochetville Secret Pal, and squares for 63 Square CAL. I will post pictures of my squares next time. Oh, I almost forgot, I also worked on one of my WIPS, "Best Vest" after another long enough interval! (-_-;)

Well, I still like knitting (and I figured that knitting is so much easier on my shoulders and arms), but I think it is the vest that keeps me away from knitting needles. The pattern is just so complicated, I don't have patience for it anymore. BUT! Like I said before, I am finishing it this year.....(hopefully).

As the weather gets cooler, my mind starts going toward knitting. I have many nice Japanese knitting patterns to knit, and I am thinking about getting some Japanese yarn.


I have decided to work ONLY on my squares from now on until I finish the afghan. (^_-)-* I am not good at having multiple projects going at the same time. When I do that, I lose my concentration, and I don't finish any. (^_^;)

After I finish the afghan, I plan to knit my son's poncho, crochet Hubby's vest, two pairs of socks, some things for Halloween, scrubbies, doilies, etc., etc...... (^o^)

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