I have lots in mind

I had not been feeling so well until today. I am OK this morning, and I am happy about that. (*^_^*)


Since the cradle purse, I worked on a project for my Crochetville Secret Pal, and squares for 63 Square CAL. I will post pictures of my squares next time. Oh, I almost forgot, I also worked on one of my WIPS, "Best Vest" after another long enough interval! (-_-;)

Well, I still like knitting (and I figured that knitting is so much easier on my shoulders and arms), but I think it is the vest that keeps me away from knitting needles. The pattern is just so complicated, I don't have patience for it anymore. BUT! Like I said before, I am finishing it this year.....(hopefully).

As the weather gets cooler, my mind starts going toward knitting. I have many nice Japanese knitting patterns to knit, and I am thinking about getting some Japanese yarn.


I have decided to work ONLY on my squares from now on until I finish the afghan. (^_-)-* I am not good at having multiple projects going at the same time. When I do that, I lose my concentration, and I don't finish any. (^_^;)

After I finish the afghan, I plan to knit my son's poncho, crochet Hubby's vest, two pairs of socks, some things for Halloween, scrubbies, doilies, etc., etc...... (^o^)

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