My 63 Square Afghan !!!

OK everyone, I DID IT!!! I finished this afghan! I don't dance, but today I feel like it! LOL Anyways, here is the completed picture:

Completed 63 Square Afghan Posted by Hello

Joining wasn't too bad, and the border was great! Last night, I worked on this afghan like I was obsessed until I finished it. I probably scared my hubby a bit. LOL

I sooo love this afghan! Now I don't know what to do with it. LOL I am thinking..... maybe I can make it a wedding gift for my son. He is only three now though... (^^;) Well, Hubby said he can make a cedar chest for the afghan if I really decide to save it until our son gets married. I like the idea! Yayyyy!!! I'm just so happy! (*^_^*)

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