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I have been super busy with my 3 yr-old son and 7 wk-old puppy, I can hardly find time and energy to work on my projects, but it's been fun. :) By the way, I named my puppy "Mona". :)


I am still working on my linen hat, but I am almost done. :) I am hoping to finish it tomorrow.


UPDATE >>> Currently, I see lots of missing links on this site. :( Because of this issue, I thought about removing this part of the post, but... well, there are still some downloadable ( although not TONS anymore :P ) you might enjoy. :) ---08/12/04 <<<
Barbara left me a comment asking about a Japanese web site with patterns for bath scrubbies, and I have done some search. Look what I found! Tons of free patterns of crocheted AND knitted wearables and scrubbies! :))) On this site, I even found the patterns for the scrubbies I made before!

The browser may require you to download files to display Japanese text. Here is the URL. ;)
  1. Once you go to the page, click on a category of items.
  2. Click on the picture of a project you like.
  3. Now you should be able to see enlarged picture of the project you chose. In order to view its pattern, click on a image that looks like a flier OR a text link nearby, which is in most cases underneath the button image. Patterns are PDF files, and you need a software to view the patterns. I use Adobe Reader. Following is a tip which one of my visitors "pt" gave me. Thanks pt! :))) "The Adobe Reader may need to be updated with Japanese Language Support. Go to the Adobe Reader site and download the file. Then, reboot your computer. - pt"
  4. The patterns are written with symbols & with some instruction in Japanese language (so that means for many of my visitors, some guessing may be required). Siow Chin also mentioned this before on her blog, but this site, ABCs in Knitting explains how to interpret Japanese patterns, PLUS this site has some free patterns. :) Crochet symbols can be found at Hass Design.

I promise I will introduce more links to Japanese free patterns. ;) One thing though, is that there aren't so many of them which I can present here because many patterns by individuals are written completely in Japanese language, but I have already found some more with symbols so check back. ;)

Let me know if you have any trouble downloading the patterns. :)

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