I'm home at last

We flew from Osaka to Tokyo, Tokyo to Dallas, and finally from Dallas to Jackson, Mississippi. The total flying time was approximately 15 hrs. It felt so strange, we never saw darkness during the trip, and we left Japan in the morning and arrived to MS around noon. LOL I tried to entertain my 3-yr-old as much as I could during the trip so I only got a small crochet project done, which I am going to put on my next post.

It has been a week since I came back to Mississippi, and I have overcome jet lag. I had been away from here for about 19month, but things don’t seem to have changed much here in this country town. I enjoy my family, the sky, the greens, the space, the food, and my new car soooo much here! I am just extremely happy to be home.

I didn’t get much crocheting and knitting done since we have been busy meeting our family and friends, shopping, setting up my new computer, etc. My computer is still not working right, I can only stay online for about a minute then it reboots itself every time, plus the slow dial-up doesn’t help me much to produce frequent posts. I am working on those problems, and hopefully the environment on my computer will be improved by the end of next week.

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