Long Awaited (hopefully :D) Post

Ugh... Where did the time go??? Hope I'm not forgotten by my fellow stitchers! :D
My life has been the same...just work, family, friends, and crochet & knitting, except there were some unexpeted events. Oh, and I hit yosoji, and it feels like the time is flying by really FAST!

Today I have a couple of projects to post (Stay tuned)! It's been sitting here way too long!

*Click to Enlarge*
"Extravagant" doily
"Extravagant" designed by Mary Werst
Leasure Arts "Extra Special Doilies"

How I love the texture with the raised stitches. :) I must crochet some more doilies from this booklet!


Can this be an excuse for not having posted much? :P

Constant Interruption - Tobi
"Yay, keyboard!!!"



Don't let him trick you! :D


Mimi said...

What a cute little bird! And your doily is a masterpiece :)
It seems everyone's gotten older in years...the challenge is to stay young-looking and lively. I'm a decade older, so its a lot more challenging :p

Chie said...

Thanks Mimi!
yeah, Tobi is my baby. :D
I wonder how long ago it was when we first met in the cyber world... I can't believe I kept this blog for 5 years!!

Mimi said...

5 years seemed to have gone so fast! But when I just started, getting to my 1st yr blogiversary was a long wait :p I remember you were a bit ahead of me in blogging, and I was looking at your blog for inspiration and tips for starting my blog ;)

Jackie said...

My girl says Hi to Toby. Cute birdie.

Hey Chie, thanks for inviting me over to see this cutie, quite the same colour as my birdie friend that flewinto my house the other day.

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