Knit sweater ornament patterns - "Minutia" by Berroco

(This post has been edited to avoid the confusion that I have actually made these sweaters. I have not... just yet. ;D The photo was borrowed from Berroco.)

I always look forward to Berroco's e-mail newsletter.
The latest one really got me excited. :D
How cute are these! I just LOVE them!!!
I'm definately going make these sweaters when I have time.

The pattern is FREE at Berroco website!

"Minutia" and the above photo by Berroco


Clare said...

I saw these in the latest Berroco newsletter and I agree they are just adorable. If I have time I will definitely have to make at least one, although it might have to be for next Christmas now!

Chie said...

Hi Clare -

Thanks for stopping by, Clare, :)
I too just wish I had time to jump on and start on one of these little adorable sweaters! I can see myself knitting them for next Christmas too! :)

Lily said...

Ohhhh! These are too cute! Thanks for sharing.

Mimi said... cute, and would be a great way to practice knitting. I'll have to put this on my list too ;)

Rebecca said...

i was very tempted, too....
sadly, much Christmas knitting was going on and i couldn't make time for them... maybe in a few months *sigh

Anonymous said...

The link to berroco is not valid, would you have a downloaded copy of the pattern that you could send me?

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