Busy, busy

I have been really busy lately especially since my computer broke last Wednesday! :(
I just got it back today all fixed, but I still have some upgrading left to get done. I ordered some computer parts today, and as soon as I receive them in the mail, I'll take them to my local computer guys to get them installed. My 3-year-old computer should perform really well then. :)
I'm just so glad that my daily trip to the local library is over... I really like the library and the people who work there, but it's just not convenient to have to go there just to use the computer.

I'm currently working on a hairpin lace project, and my pretty-but-itchy yarn has been put aside... but I will probably knit a felted bag minus the ruffles with the yarn. :)

Oh, and I'm finally going to Japan to visit my family and friends!!!
My son and I are flying before the end of May (Hubby is going to stay), and we will stay there until just before the Father's Day (mid-June). I'm so excited about the trip. I can hardly wait. :)


Kari said...

How cool for you to be going to Japan!
Glad you're getting your computer fixed!

Mimi said...

The bag looks cute, Chie :)
Sounds exciting to visit your own country after a long time ;)

Kelly said...

Wow I'm so happy that you are going to visit family in Japan. I can hear the happiness in your writing. That sure is something to look forward to.

Most computer repairs can be done at home. There are lots of manuals online for trying your hand at it. I did it to my older computer, and it works great now.

Best of luck with the computer, and have a great time with your family.

Chie said...

Kari -
I'm really excited about this trip. I have waited way too long to visit my family, and I miss them so much...

Mimi -
I really want to start working on the bag, but it looks like that has to wait a little longer.
I'm a little homesick now, and my family in Japan is VERY anxiously waiting to see me and my son! :)

Kelly -
A little more than a month and we are flying to Japan! I can't wait to see my family, especially my parents. :) I stay pretty busy everyday lately, and I'm sure the day will come quickly. :)
I really need my computer to perform better. I have too many things on my computer!

Sharon said...


I'm so happy for you that you are going to Japan to visit your family! I will be thinking about you while you are gone. Will you stil be able to post to your blog? I hope you takes lots of pictures for those of us who have never been to Japan.

Have fun!

knitphomaniac said...

have fun in Japan :)

I love felting... it's become among my favourite of my knitting crafts... although I do find it to be a bit of a pain having to pull out fistfulls of fiber out of my washer once the work's done!

Chie said...

Sharon -
I probably won't be able to post from Japan, but I'll make sure to take lots of photos. :)

knitphomaniac -
Thank you for visiting my blog!
I know exactly how it is about fiber in washer. :D I still haven't started on the bag, but I hope you will check back. :)

noriko said...

Hi Chie, safe trip to home (I mean the other home :-)), and enjoy your stay there!!

Chie said...

noriko -
Thanks! I can hardly wait to see my family in Japan and also visiting yarn stores!!!

Vashti Braha said...

Hi Chie,
Surprise! You've been tagged with a meme!
You can see my blog entry for more info:
Have fun in Japan!

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