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Happy Holidays!!!

I'm so sorry for having put this blog aside for way too long! (-_-;)
My son, Hubby, and I stayed sick almost for the whole November with relapses of serious cold symptons. Since we all got well again, I have just been super busy with my work, my son's school events, and the holiday preparations!
I have done so many things in the very short time, and I could type about them all day long, but I really shouldn't because I have some cooking and wrapping to do today. :) I'm thinking about making this. :) So.. I just have to make each story short! :D

I mentioned on my last post that he was in the hospital...
My father is 63 years old and he still enjoys paragliding! He dodged other people flying at a competition and hit a huge rock on the mountain. He broke rib bones, hip bone and smashed a couple pieces of back bones. He had a surgery and got well super quickly, and my mother told me recently that he is flying again! *sigh*
His doctor told them that my dad has bone density of a …