Another pumpkin and dahlia

Dimensional Pumpkin Potholder is done! :)

I just love this one and my other crocheted pumpkins bring Fall/Halloween into my house. :)

Oh, and my another dahlia has bloomed! :) I just love the flower.


My next ongoing project is a lapghan for my father. He is in a hospital in Japan... He will be ok though. :)
I'm using Caron's Simply Soft Shadows. It's really soft, comfortable to work with, and the colors are nice! I'll post a photo of the lapghan here when it's done!

Have a good weekend! :)


I've put out some fall/Halloween decorations today, and I just had to make these. :)
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I changed # of stitches and rows on Marlo's Puffy Stuffed Pumpkin pattern to make those pumpkins because I used Bernat Softee Chunky which was not worsted weight yarn that the pattern calls for, and also I wanted to make smaller pumpkins. I used sticky-back felt for the face.
My son absolutely loves them, and that makes me so happy! :)
I'm thinking about making Dimensional Pumpkin Potholder next. I always have a crocheted potholder/dishcloth hanging in my kitchen, and seasonal one like this one would be fun, don't you think? :)

Oh, and that just reminded me of something... Did you all know about Lily's Dishcloth Contest?! I love Sugar'n Cream yarn, and I just have to enter this contest. Why don't you join too? :) I think it will be so much fun!

Snowflake hotpad & coaster

Ok... I'll confess! :D I haven't finished up the different color variation of my bag! I have all the parts done, and I just need to join them... :P

Anyway, crochet snowflakes have been in my mind a lot lately instead of the bag. :D
My initial plan was to make our Christmas tree full of crochet snowflakes this year, but I'm not sure that is going to happen... I will probably make a couple more for myself, and some more for my ESL teacher at my local church.
I'm just super busy everyday with contracts, and I want to stay that way. ;)

One new thing I started recently and truly enjoy is teaching crochet. Some of my friends come to my house on Mondays to learn crochet, and I just love it! :) We have met 3 times already, and all of them have finished at least one snowflake. Today was our last meeting to talk about crochet snowflake, and I wanted a pattern that uses worsted weight yarn. So... I visited Crochet Pattern Central first as always and found Linda's Snowflake Potholder pattern. I just made 1 layer instead of 2 so mine doesn't function as a potholder, but it makes a nice hotpad, I think. :)

I'm sure if I just use #10 thread and follow the pattern + make the loop longer, it must make a pretty snowflake ornament that require only light spray-starching and ironing... but this time, I decided to make a coaster instead. :P All I did was adding an extra round with color B(blue in this case) and the simple ch-&-sc edging instead of sc edging.

All of my students liked them, and they all decided to make either the hotpad or the coaster :) Next time, I am going to teach them symbols and diagrams, and after that, they are going to start whatever crochet project they like either with yarn or thread.


Lastly, I just have to share my pretty dahlia with you all. :)


Hope you all are having a good week!

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