Hi all!
First, I think I should let you know that there won't be an exciting news on this post about my design submissions... I so wish I could give you one though. :D
There were times when I got a little sad and discouraged, but I also had some things that helped me get back to be my positive self. :)

I have to show off my very first tomato I harvested!

I do my watering and caring for my tomato plants although I think they can pretty much grow themselves. :) I even speak to them to encourage them to have delicious tomatoes. :D I just know it helped, just look at my tomato! It's amazing. It tasted heavenly too. :)

And of course, I did some shopping as well! ;D
Here is my beautiful, long-awaited, yarn-winding pair!!!

After I wound up my first yarn cake, I thought, "Why in the world I waited this long to get them?!". :D The experience was so much like meditation... or even zen ("Visually rich, funny, intuitive, basic introduction to Zen. Produced by Kodai-ji Temple, Kyoto, Japan."- Google Search)! Now I want hanks of yarn just to wind! LOL

Have a happy Father's Day weekend!!! :)


Jana said...

i got a ball winder recently too, havent tried it out yet........very excited though! congrats on the tomato:)

Chie said...

jana -

Thanks! :) You will LOVE the ball winder, jana. :)

JulieP said...

It's a lovely tomato. I should have some soon.
And getting a swift and winder is exciting news! I'm envious, but I know you will enjoy it.

Chie said...


I sometimes work with yarn hanks, and I just got so tired of winding yarn by hands. The swift and winder really save my time and my hands, arms, and shoulders for more crocheting! :)

Mimi said...

Wonderful goodies, Chie! I'm envious, I dont think I'll ever grow my own tomatoes (or anything to eat!) And I dont think I'll buy a swift and winder, though I do have some yarn hanks from RAOK, I can still manage to wind them by hand at no extra cost, but having those looks so cool ;)

Chie said...

Mimi -

I was thinking about a swift and winder just like how you do at first! LOL If you don't use hanks, then you really don't need them. :) I often work with hanks and I just got tired of widing them by hand, but after I've done so many by myself, I'm so good at it! LOL LOL

Rebecca said...

beautiful tomato! i wish i had a green thumb - i kill every plant that enters the house(or yard)
oooo, a swift! i'm so jealous
have fun :D

Chie said...

rebecca -

I don't have a green thumb, rebecca! I even kill cuctus and herbs, but Hubby always saves them. :D What he always tells me is, "Leave them alone!" LOL I tend to worry too much about watering.

Mimi said...

Hi Chie! I love gardening but I only grow orchids in my balconies since I moved to Asia. Great job on your first tomato. It looks really yummy!

Oh, I wish I have a swift, it looks so practical and fun! :D

Chie said...

mimi -

Growing orchids sounds so hard to me. I love the flower, but I never thought about growing them by myself! Maybe one day, I get to see a photo of your orchids? ;)

Vik said...

Congratulations on your first tomato! ;)

Chie said...

vik -

Thank you, vik! :)

Kelly said...


I'm so glad to see you posting again!

Your tomato looks delicious. It's very nice to see that you are enjoying the summer.

Your right about the yarn cake maker. It is very relaxing. :)

Mary Heather said...

Hi Chie! Just found your blog through another. I live in Mississippi also! Small world. :-)

Chie said...

Kelly -

Hi!!! :)
Hope you are having a good summer too!

mary heather -

Hi! I'm so glad to find another fellow crocheter in Mississippi! :) I get so excited everytime. :D Thank you for stopping by, and come again!

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