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Happy New Year!

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Above image says, "Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu" = Happy new year. :)

Following the Japanese tradition, I did lots and lots of cleaning in and outside of the house before the new year's day.

Then Hubby, my son, and I celebrated new year with delicious Japanese plum wine on the rock (Fruit juice for my son, of course!) and ozouni. :)

This year is the "dog year", and I am "toshi-onna"!

For this new year, I will keep doing my best in everything I do, and I will continue enjoying crocheting! :)

Oh, and I will try to read more to be able to write creatively in English, too (About time! LOL)! Yup, I really should. :D
I know my posts have been super boring to read, and my visitors have such broad heart( I am not even sure if this sentence means what I want it to. LOL I want to say "You all are so kind and forgiving" to read my posts). :)

Anyways, I'm wishing everyone's new year will be happy and healthy!


Kari said…
*hugs* Happy New Year to you and yours my dear friend. Your english is fine and I love your blog.
Chie said…
Thank you, Kari! *hugs*
Wishing you a happy and healthy new year to you and your family!
Monique said…
Beautiful image Chie!
Happy New year to you and your lovely family..
Mimi said…
Hi Chie! I wasnt able to follow the tradition of having a clean house on the first day of the year :( The time I should have spent on cleaning we were on vacation in the province, since it now became our family tradition to go there right after Christmas and spend new year's eve there. So I hope I'll be able to catch up on cleaning now, with a little bit of crochet of course ;)
Reading your blog and other friends' blogs is a relaxing break...I dont have any difficulty understanding your english or what you meant to say :) but definitely reading more helps us in many ways...
Jana said…
very beautiful picture with the cherry blossoms! happy new year too!
Jewels said…
Happiest of New Year wishes to you and your family as well Chie.
mimiknit said…
Ops, there are to mimis here! :)
I am glad to hear you had a good start for the new year with the ozouni soup and plum wine( I like it too).
Rebecca said…
chie - you silly girl! i love reading your posts :) your words are as beautiful as your work

Happy New Year to you and your family!!
Chie said…
Thank you all so much for your kind words about my English and new year wish! *hugs*
Sharon said…
Hi Chie,

I have been doing some crochet too, more than knitting lately. I've also been doing some quilt related projects. You'll have to go to my blog and see what I've been doing lately.

Happy New Year!
Ulla said…
Dear Chie
As many other told you we love the cherry blossom.It's gives me a calm mood and I hope I can visite Japan in the cherry blossom time in spring.I saw some in Stockholm last year and it was just so so beautiful.
I wish you good luck with everything you do,both crochet and reading english.And I really wish you a happay life to and I wish all your family and all your friends a happy you wrote we have to try to do our best..

Ulla in the north of Sweden
mariko said…
Konnichiwa Chie! Your new layout for this blog kawaii desu!!! Domo arigato gosaimasu for the nice message on my blog!!! You know, for New Years I too cleaned my house top to bottom...good thing New Years only comes once a year, lol!!!
Oslofia said…
happy New Year Chie!!!!

So, its the year of the dog? Well since I'm born in the year of the dog I hope it will bring some extra good luck this year:)
Kawano said…
thank you Chie for your wonderful work. I am adding your blog to mine. I cant wait to see what else you have done.
Happy New year Chie ! =)
Ulla said…
Good mornig from the north of Sweden

I hope your new year is well.I miss your blogging but perhaps you have your time full of other things.I wish you good luck and hope meeting you again

Ulla in the north of Sweden where we have -29C now.Perfect time for handicraft.
cecily said…
I love plum wine! I love it on the rocks, but also mixed with something fizzy.
Forgetmaenot said…
That's funny I do the same thing for New Years Like a fresh start I've always cleaned my bedroom for new years :)

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